Friday, September 19, 2008

Nothin' Sweet About Me...Today

There is nothing worse than being in a pissy mood when you aren't pms or raggin' it, when everything in your life is starting to come together, when your kids are healthy, thriving, playing and learning. I can't exactly identify the source of my mood, I'm just feeling restless. I've been reading a book in Italian, maybe that's the source of my agony. My friend Rosy handed it off to me, told me to read it, that I might find it interesting.

What is interesting is that I've managed to find the time to read. God, I used to devour a book a day, reading by nightlight until I finished it, determined to get to that last page. Don't quite know how it happened, but suddenly, taking a shower became a luxury.

Since my little thirty-something crisis began, I've managed to calm down quite a bit and I'm finding a new road that needs traveling, one that I am determined to travel. So anyway, I'm reading this book by a guy named Fabio Volo (really funny parts...talks often about how and why men spend SO MUCH TIME IN THE BATHROOM - Note: I have removed all magazines from the bathrooms and I'm seriously considering adding a timer, as well. Things are really bad, because even Jordan at twelve has increased his potty time to about twenty minutes a movement)called "Un Posto Nel Mondo" - A Place in the World. I am still freaking trying to find mine. Anyway, one of the parts that smacked me upside the head was this:
Porta itineris dicitur longissima esse (latin): "The door is the longest part of the journey" meaning the first step is the most difficult to take. I've actually managed to get my hand on the doorknob, turn it and take a peek. So far, so good.

My world is a much better place when it's upside down...been lookin' at things right-side up for far too long.

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