Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to School...

Sofia Madyson started First Grade three days ago...

Getting ready to leave for the big day!

Do I really have to carry this HUGE backpack?

Almost ready to go into that big, scary school!

I'm in!...but I'm kinda skeptical 'bout this whole homework thing.

Got my best friend Federica right here next to me!

Just a kiss to Babbo...

And I'm ready to Rock-n-Roll!

Hmmm. Think Jordan's ready for his second year of Middle School?


...I think he'll do just fine *smile*

And...Once upon a time...a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago:

My first grade class! OMG.


Anonymous said...

Which one is you?

Unknown said...

I'm dressed in Snoopy. lol

mishkazena said...

which one is you, Jodi? :)

That is a big knapsack your daughter has! lol

Unknown said...

Aaaaaaaaaah!I am in the blue dress standing next to the teacher. Keith Friedman was the teacher's pet...every single year we went to school.