Friday, September 5, 2008

Dublin pix

Memorable time spent in Dublin with Giovanni and the ladies. A city that promises fun times, colorful street performers and expensive as hell cappuccinos (I pay 1 euro 10 cents in Grosseto - I paid 3 euros there), Dublin is the perfect place for a crazy weekend with friends or that significant other. Here's a little taste of my fifteen days...


The Bunnies and the Leprechaun

Chillin' in Belfast

My girls with Ray the hot French Guide! (Hi Ray!!)

Dublin: St. Stephen's Green (Where's Rachel when you need her?)

Hanging out with Oscar Wilde

The Guinness Factory *smile*

Thinking of my blog...

My best friend Max and the group

St. Patrick's Cathedral by rain

Six plates of Curly Fries - the only edible material in 15 days

John-poker chump and Luke - Social Planning Director



mishkazena said...

I think your students are lucky to have such a cool teacher like you ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you! I'll be sure to tell them you said so! *smile*