Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I love trees. Especially all the trees that surround my house.
They are just so tall.
Once upon a time there were two enormous trees with strong roots that held a hammock between them and Jordan swung on that hammock when he was a baby until he was about five and then the hammock broke and the tree got too big so they had to cut it down.
But the stump is still there.
Every time I see that stump, I remember the hammock and how Jordan swung on that hammock when he was a baby.
I sat in the chair, drank my water bottle and looked up in the sky at all those tall trees.
I was surrounded by green topped off with blue and a shot of whipped creamy clouds here and there.
Damn those trees grow to be tall.
I've never actually climbed a tree, I just like that protective feeling the leafy branches give you.
Zero humidity, breeze blowing and blue skies up ahead.
No limits.
Damn it's good to be home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello...

Left uppercut to the jaw, totally grilled, completely unforseen.
I'm not alone to deal with it this time, I'm home..
I could have dealt with it alone, but see, I don't have to because I'm home.
I can hold Sofia's hand, give Jordan a kiss on the cheek and have a margarita with my mom.
Amazing concept, being able to deal with an obstacle with your family physically present.
My mom and I went to see a concert at Pier 6, Rain.
We made friends with a woman who must have had about 6 beers in a row.
We learned that her name was Shelley, she had been married 9 years, she loved the Beatles, went to the U2 concert and paid 180 dollars for tickets nine rows back from the stage. She said she'd been married five times and that I was beautiful.
My mom and I danced to Let it Be.
Sofia and Eddie came to pick us up after the concert, and when I got in the car, Sofia asked, "Mommy did you guys have fun?"
I gave her a kiss and said, "Yeah, we really did".
Sofia kissed me back and said, "Okay, Grandpa...house sweet house!"

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Home is a state of mind, but actually sleeping in the bed I grew up in, is an emotional experience.
Finding time to breathe, sleeping in the same room as my kids and walking every morning with my mom, up and down a street framed in really tall trees...is an emotional experience.
Leaving behind someone you love, only to find that they will remain behind..is too much of an emotional experience.
Jordan's 6'2" tall and is wearing a brand, spanking new CP810!
Sofia sings in the shower and flirts with waiters.
And I am back on my blog.
Wiser...than I was a year ago.
I think I've been unblocked. It's amazing what some good quality suffering can do for a girl.