Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I love my son

I wish that I could give him my assertiveness to lend him the strength that he would need at that specific moment where he lowers his head to look insecurity in the eyes.
For just that precise moment when he chooses to ignore or shake his head and suffer in silence, because HE knows right from wrong but the asshole in front of him does not.
Only five minutes with my journey of indignation to give voice to that forced growth process that he is now enduring.
Another dumb-ass ignorant kid with probably a lot worse of life than my son has had to live, who takes it upon himself to make fun of my son who is only trying to go to school and laugh.
An hour in the Principal's office, an hour of explaining what needs to be done. One of the teacher's said, "I can't believe that, I have not seen that, etc. Wait, I do remember a couple of weeks ago the Italian teacher wanted to see him and his classmate went to tell him that the teacher was looking for him. But Jordan didn't believe him. He thought his classmate was playing a joke on him. But the Italian teacher really was looking for him."
Well now, I guess that confirms what we've been saying. NOW WHY WOULDN'T JORDAN TRUST HIS CLASSMATE AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE TEACHER?

Another sleepless night.

By the way, they weren't convinced until my companion stood up in front of the Principal and said, "We have been talking about this problem for the past 50 minutes and we never even discussed how the two boys have been harassing Jordan."
Dino stood up, looked them in the eyes and said: "Wwwwwwwwwwwhat ddiiiiiiiiiiid youuuuuuuuuuuu sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"
You know, in that way that a hearing person makes fun of a deaf kid.
They stopped looking for excuses.
We'll see what happens next.