Saturday, September 20, 2008

Man With Usher's Syndrome Travels With Deaf Teens: Destination Costa Rica


I wanted to share this exciting new project with you and see if you would be
willing to forward this on to educational people or any students that you
may know across the country.

This program is amazing and changes kids lives. I am a "Lead The Way"
mentor that goes with the kids and helps them on their adventures and life

The model is proven but it is the first hearing impaired/deaf group we have
taken. We do not have a lot of contacts in the hearing impaired and deaf
community across the country to make kids aware of this opportunity. Since
you live in this world and have access to high school students I am coming
to ask you for help in getting the word out.

Simply sending the attachment flyer and/or posting it somewhere is all that
is required. The flyer is self-explanatory as to next steps.

My name is Bill Barkeley and I am deaf-blind with Usher's Syndrome Type 2.

Costa Rica is home to some of most spectacular and accessible rainforests in the world. From parrots to howler monkeys, poison dart frogs to tree sloths, its mountain and coastal ecosystems host amazing diversity. In this Leading the Way program, a combination of high school students who are hard of hearing, deaf and hearing, will learn field science techniques,delve into cultural studies and work hand-in-hand with Costa Rican students on a service project. Along the way, they study ecotourism and learn about sustainability and fair trade issues. In the
process, they build the independence, interpersonal skills, and attitudes that empower students to become leaders in their communities. Through this Leading the Way adventure, you’ll also help raise awareness in your communities and abroad about the culture of deaf and hard of hearing communities. The Global Explorers Leading the Way Program has been featured on ABC Nightline, the Travel Channel and CBS Sunday Morning.

Step outside your comfort zone as you build your own leadership skills and interact
with students with and without disabilities.

Explore new cultures, understand global conservation issues, engage in community service and step up to become a responsible global citizen.

Experience the joy of travel and discover the power that you have to make a difference in the world.

Important Details

Application Deadline: November 1, 2008
Application Process:
We seek high school students who are deaf or hard of hearing. You will be joined by a group of hearing students who have been learning sign language for the past year. To apply, contact 877-627-1425 or and ask for an application to the Leading the Way Costa Rica 2009 Program. Learn more at by clicking on Costa Rica or reading about Leading the Way.

Nominate a Student: Contact us with the details and we’ll follow up with the student.
Price: $1,995 (We FUNDRAISE with you!)
Travel Dates: Spring 2009

The Global Explorers Experience
If a single trip could change your life, would you take it?

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