Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jordan Has a Girlfriend

Way too much drama in the comments section of yesterday's post, you know who you are (*smile*) so I'm taking a break to talk about Jordan.

On Thursdays he has his guitar lesson after school with an hour break for lunch, so I always take him for pizza and peach tea to his favorite pizzeria in the center of Grosseto. We spend a quality hour of Mamma - growing boy time and discuss "the latest." "The latest" is that Jordan has a girlfriend. She is adorable, her name is Alessia. There is only one problem, he refuses to discuss his new girlfriend with his meddling

Our lunch conversation:

Me: So, you have a girlfriend...but really?


Me: Jordan, come on, tell me something...have you kissed her?


Me: Jordan, do you remember when you were DYING to ask Benedetta to be your girlfriend and I helped you find the words to profess your undying love??? Give it up to your Mamma!


Me: I don't believe that she's your girlfriend. I don't believe you, you always tell me everything and suddenly you're quiet. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! *attempting reverse psychology*

Jordan: Mom, I'm a "guy" now, I can't discuss certain things with you anymore.

Me: (falling off of chair) Uh, okay...for now.

Breaking news:

Luca and I just had an emergency meeting locked in the bathroom where he handed me a series of crumpled passed notes. Last week, loverboy had asked Martina to be his girlfriend and she had said no.

Note #1:Martina, for now I need to leave you, sooner or later we will be boyfriend and girlfriend, but for now I must ask another girl to be my girlfriend. (he drew a pair of red lips on the note-what a stallion)

Marty: WHO?

Note #2: Alessia

Marty: NO!

Jordan: It's okay, I just said I was going to try.

Note#3: It's just for now, Marty.

Marty: Okay, but if you want to hold my hand, you can.

Note#4: WHAT??!!! You want me to hold your hand!!?

Marty: If you want to hold my hand you can.

Jordan: Ok

Note#4: (for Alessia with a heart drawn on it) Well, have you decided? You are beautiful.

Alessia: she x-d the Yes.

Done Deal.

(Note from a pissed off Mamma: I guess this type of stuff has been shifted to Father-Son instead of Mamma-Son *steaming*)

I couldn't decide between the two *smile*


mishkazena said...

Smile. Your Romeo is growing up :)

Cute exhange of notes. Notice how Marty became interested after being told he has a new girlfriend ;)

K.L. said...

With luck, Luca will keep you filled in. And I bet Jordan won't keep you out entirely. Last Christmas, my 17 YO son dragged me to the mall with him. It wasn't until we were in front of the jewelry counter that he explained that he wanted a friendship ring for his new girlfriend, and he had no idea how to pick one out and needed my help. He was right. He needed help. But I give him big props for even getting that far.

Unknown said...

Hi Mishka and K.L.,
Thanks:))I found the whole thing so interesting, especially the male bonding thing. You should have seen his face, that "I know something that I ain't gonna tell you.." Shocked a good way.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, does the kid know that you blabbed this on the 'net? Mine would kill me if I did that. :)