Sunday, March 2, 2014

And the winners are....!!!!

It all started as an idea to promote awareness for International Cochlear Implant Day, which was on February 25th. I asked some members of my Italian Forum if they had any ideas as to what type of contest to create. One of the members, Luca, suggested a Create Your Own CI Food/ Create a Video on YouTube Contest to make it fun for families to have an activity to do together with their kids.
I thought, excellent!!! What can I do to motivate people to participate? I was reading Linkedin when I saw the President of Ear Gear's picture pop up, so I thought I'd throw a wild card and contact him to see if he would be willing to donate a pair of Ear Gear to one winner.
He replied to my email in a flash and said, "You know what, Jodi, I will donate up to 25 pairs of Ear Gear to help you promote International CI Day!"
This is EAR GEAR:
It was one of those "OMG" emails:-)
Because I belong to many forums around the world, I began posting the contest on these forums. Thanks to Ear Gear, I was able to give prizes to everyone. Special thanks to Rachel Chaikof for promoting awareness through her power forum Cochlear Implant Online on Facebook.
Here are some of the winners!!!!