Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Music to Jordan's "Ears"

Jordan was sneezing in this pic
Well, my dad just left. Goodbyes suck, and I am really bad at them. While my dad was saying his goodbye to Jordan, Jordan sobbed and through his tears managed to say, "Mmmmammmmma, why can't Nonno (grandpa) stay until Friday? Mmmmmammmmmmma, will you buy me the new military model airplane that's coming out tomorrow? Bbwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaah, pppplease?" (Chump)
And Sofia? She said, "Bye Nonno Steve, I love you. Mamma can I have some more lipgloss?" (as she twirled a Shirley Temple curl)
Kids find a way to adapt.
So do moms...but it isn't easy.

This was one of the latest quotes on the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle:
When asked "What advice would you give younger children about
being hearing impaired? Explain."

Icon of the Circle, "A's" answer.....
"Don't let it pull you down or hold you back, just live your life to the
max, don't be afraid of challenges and find people worth having as friends"

Live for that boy and his mom.

Another Mom and Dad who write an exceptional blog entitled "Turn on My Ears..."

Description: Our son Drew was born in September 2006 with profound hearing loss in both ears, which means he is deaf. At 8 1/2 months of age, he became the youngest child in Ohio to receive simultaneous, bilateral cochlear implants. This blog is a record of our efforts to "turn on" Drew's ears and educate him with an auditory verbal philosophy.

Cutie Drew

...posted this newsworthy information:

Music For New Ears - Creating Music For Cochlear Implant Users
Mike from Music For New Ears contacted me through Drew's Facebook page today to tell us about their amazing non-profit collaboration which aims to create music especially designed for cochlear implant users.

We all know how big of a deal music appreciation is to many CI users. Imagine a group of speech and language professionals collaborating with musicians to design music created just for those with CI's!

Please take a moment of your time to visit the Music For New Ears page on and click on the green VOTE button on the right. If they get the most votes, they'll win a $10,000 grant to help develop this music.

Not decided whether you want to spend 2 minutes on this? Here is the description of their idea - in their own words.

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted electronic devices that provide a sense of sound to people with profound deafness. However, many aspects of sound, including pitch and timbre, are almost entirely lost in the process, making it difficult for cochlear implant users to enjoy music.

Music For New Ears is a non-profit collaboration between composers, hearing scientists, and cochlear implant users. We identify sounds that C.I. users can hear with the most clarity and use these sounds to compose new music.
Our mission is to help cochlear implant users better enjoy music by creating music specifically for them and the unique way in which they hear.
What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?

1) Pay our primary composer to create full-length music compositions for cochlear implant users.

2) Recruit C.I. users to provide us with valuable input during the composition process.

3) Arrange live performances for audiences of C.I. users in Boston, MA and surrounding areas.

4) Organize a national contest for composers unaffiliated with our organization to create their own pieces of music for C.I. users, with a grand prize of $1,000.

We have everything in place and we are eager to begin working. We simply need the funds to get started.

Sound good? Now go vote - I can't wait for them to get started!

Have a question for Mike? Email him directly at, or post your question as a comment so we can all see the response (Mike, let us know if this is ok).

Now this is "Music to Jordan's ears!"


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Voted!! Project queen!! ;-P

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hi jodi, beautiful picture of ur family :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Cheryl! You do realize that that is my dad, right?! Sometimes, people think he's my brother. *smile* hugs, Jodi

Stephen said...

Jo....19 hours later I am home safe and wipped out totally.....I had such a great time! Thanks again! Let the kids know I miss them! LuvUdad

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oops, i thought he was your husband!!, ur dad looks very young!

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Dad, you left three shirts here...hahahahaha

Cheryl, I imagined that *smile* Jodi

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Awesome post - check out A's foray into Italian this past week Jodi on my blog!

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..And the one's who took the picture is not her son.. it's her husband (even if he looks so damn young and good!)

just kidding... not!!