Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am waiting.
But while I wait I am involved in a thousand things so that the limbo becomes a juggling act of my patience vs. my moving forward with ideas.
The dream is there hovering.
In the meantime, life has been throwing some eggs.
Little tests that I'm not sure I'm passing, but I'm trying.
Two weeks ago in Rome, I put a politician in his place.
I gave him the stare-down when he tried to answer a phone call during my presentation.
I put the entire room on pause.
I felt like Leeanne Seaver.
He paid attention the rest of the time.
At the end of my presentation on what it is we do as parents of children with hearing loss and why we are so important to the process, I apologized for not letting him go before me as he had requested and thanked him extra-kindly for waiting through my presentation.

Yesterday I had a moment.
Sofia's father forwarded me an email from a boy who asked Sofia via email if she could come over his house and play.
I remember when a boy asked me to come over his house and play...she's not going:-)
I had a my-kids-are-growing-up-moment.
So, this morning I spent 8 minutes suffering through Sofia's morning breath to snuggle her up and bite her cheeks.
It's going too fast...