Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mellowing out...

Geeze, I must have really hit an all-time low yesterday, people are still commenting with good cheer-lol. Yes, I am the resilient type and all of you are really, just beautiful. People spend so much time complaining how everyone is so negative, I tend to focus on the positive, and it's overwhelming. Val just wrote in with some advice about sunsets and sunrises and stuff and told me to dance naked with no one watching, or maybe she didn't say naked (I just added that-not Val's style)to some jammin' music. I'm taking her advice, can't get naked cause I still have bronchitis, but I'm sure I'll get creative in some way or another. My iPod's freaking out on some shuffle function that I can't figure out how to readjust, so I have to manually select my songs, so annoying.

Last night Jordan wanted me to lay down next to him to put him to sleep, one of those bonding, "I'm there for you" moments that warms the heart of all mothers and blogreaders lol. If I can't laugh at myself...I have been doing a lot of that lately.

And when you just can't find the strength to laugh at yourself, that's what friends are for! I met Sonia at the Bar Stiacciole for our regular morning cappuccino, which is quite the comedy because I have no voice, can't talk, sound like a big, fat hiccup and burp combined whenever I try to utter a sound. Obviously, this means I'm outta work and can't shop, life REALLY sucks right now. Anyway, there has been a major transformation at the bar, because the owner Francesca, another good friend and Italian blogger who also loves Norah Jones, booted the two ogling old men who hit on us every morning. Damn! They weren't that obnoxious and despite being toothless and horny, their presence definitely made for an interesting beginning to every boring day of work.
However, the improved dramatically, especially because she added flowers to every table, adjusted the lighting and had some Nina Simone playing on the stereo. Amazing how some really good jazz can rock your world. Yesterday I was looking for the song she had playing but I couldn't find it in the full-length version, but I did find that other cute little one about "Forbidden Fruit..."
the story of my life. Talk about forbidden fruit, Adam Levine has just ousted boring Patrick Dempsey with this song, he has given "Kiwi" a totally new meaning. It was like entering another bar until my friends started making fun of me, happens all the time - it's what I get for being the token American. First they called me a "gran fica," and that "I got" (certain things just can't be translated) Then, they called me a "fiore di fica" but I still don't know what they meant, there's nothing worse than being the brunt of a joke you just don't get. I didn't laugh, wasn't in the mood to social bluff. And, I wasn't feeling like a "gran-fica" considering I've been condemned to sick housearrest and parenting skills reinforcement 101.

And my husband?
The perfect husband.

Aside from the "Middle School Throwing Desks Drama," the past two days he has single-handedly taken care of two children, laundry, meals, homework and still managed to make me fresh-squeezed orange juice and tea (that I did not ask for, I'm really not high-maintenance or that bitchy)AND even brought me home gelato from Papete - you ain't tasted nothin' til you've tasted gelato from that place. Caaaareamy and dreamy.
And you know he's just waiting...waiting til I feel better. Men. I know, I am a very lucky woman...*smile*

I got an email from Jill yesterday, an inspirational woman who I have had the privilege of meeting through one of the yahoo support groups, and she is sending JELLYBEANS - JOLLY RANCHER FLAVOR- for Easter to lil' ole me and of course the kidlings!!!! She said she's gonna throw in some National Geographics articles too! Gotta love those emails...and surprise emails from friends, you really didn't know were friends until they suddenly demonstrate that they really care about you. Blogging has really been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life...

Then, my dad sent an email complaining that my email address is bouncing back emails, I have no idea why this is, but it keeps happening, maybe because I have about 1,400 in my inbox. UPDATE: I just checked my emails...there were only 12 - I just had 1388 emails OBLITERATED *WTF!!!* I am now in a profound crisis situation. Dealing...You can only imagine the condition of my house. I wonder which will explode first. He also told me to check out an article on pressbox online, we're in it...Check out what Barry Silverman wrote (THAAAAAAANKS Barry:))Okay, here it is...

A very special congratulations to local authors Jodi Cutler Del Dottore and her father Steve Cutler on receiving a hearty endorsement from Cal Ripken Jr. of their co-written book "Rally Caps."

The book, geared to children, tells the story of a child with a cochlear implant who helps a teammate overcome his fear of getting hit by a pitched ball. The story was inspired by Jodi’s son, Jordan, who has a cochlear implant and was written to show that hearing-impaired children are just like everybody else and can be heroes, too.

As Ripken said himself, “‘Rally Caps’ is a heartwarming book about perseverance and courage. Congratulations to Steve and Jodi for taking the challenges in their lives and turning it into a wonderful book that helps teach valuable lessons of acceptance and resilience to kids and adults alike.”

I know you're all getting sick of hearing about book stuff, but this is just another article promoting awareness of the cochlear implant. Through the ups and downs of my daily life, the battles unknowingly and unintentionally provoked and the bridges miraculously only humble intention was to create a little more awareness and give you something you may not have known you even needed.
What is so strange about all of this, is that I'm the one being given something I never even realized I needed, unbelievable.


Karen Mayes said...

Wonderful! :o)

My 11-year-old son and I do have our bedtime routine...I just hold his hand as he gets settled in his bad, having bedtime chats.

Being a mom is an awesome experience, having your child/children show affection and you know that you are doing the right thing by the child/children :o)

Valerie said...

I am also jamming in my classroom of course during planning time to some Tears for Fears - shout, head over heels, and everyone wants to rule the world. I made a choice to just keep my clothes on. Go for naked!!!! If only I were 18 again. :)

I agree with Karen, being a mom is the greatest experience. There is not a second that goes by that I not in awe that this 9 year old is mine. The worst thing is she picked up all my bad habits - picky eater and emotional. Of course she also got my hubby's bad habits too - messy, computer games, and ability to drive me crazy. I just hope I can handle the tween changes.

Have a great day and remember - sing loud, dance wild, and hug them all.

Unknown said...

Hiya Ladies,
Neked, sometimes ya just gotta get neked and bare all...maybe I'm in a mid-life crisis *smile* Jodi

Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

I just found your blog, and I like it. My daughter has bilateral implants; she got her first in 2003 and her second in April 2007. She's doing great in kindergarten, loves soccer and is playing T-ball softball this year.

I'll be digging through your archives when I can. Thanks for your voice!

Unknown said...

Hi Tiffani,
Thanks for your message about your athletic girl!!! You might find some of the earlier posts more interesting, there are a lot of videos of kids with cis and their stories. If you have any questions, ask away! On the right-hand side of the blog, there is a link to the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle yahoo support group as well as the CI brochure you may find interesting. You could probably help a lot of parents based on your experience and despite the fact that my son is eleven, I find assistance on that group that I never had. Just a suggestion...thanks again for your comment. Jodi

Anonymous said...

ciao cara,era successo anche a me giorni addietro,di volerti scrivere un commento(tipo quando hai messo su' la canzone di nina simone).Grazie per i complimenti,ma vorrei rassicurarti,l'altro giorno non ti si stava prendendo in giro,ma ti facevamo un complimento ,perche' i fiori di fico sono i primi frutti che la pianta da',quindi sono delle primizie.
Una gioia per gli occhi perche' abituati al grigiore dell'inverno tutte le primizie che la primavera e l'estate portano allontanano la malinconia dei tempi bui.
percio' bella fica e' volgare,ma fiore di fico(ma noi si e' detto di fica,perche' sei fica)lo reputo poetico.
bella buon pomeriggio e non pensare per un po',o se devi farlo a forza concentrati su altre cose ,belle semmai.


Unknown said...

Francesca, ti voglio bene...bella-quella roba-:) ci vediamo domani! Jodi