Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! There are currently seven kidlings running rampid around my house. You can't even imagine the day here today in Grosseto - BEAUTIFUL! I'm hungover and my head is pounding, live for my iPod. Last night was Rhonda's birthday and we karaokeeeeeddddd! I'm thinking of taking a show on the road *smile*. It was a pizza/karaoke combo thing with a lot of wine. I'm currently on my fourth round of antibiotics, still can't kick the bronchitis and staying home is just not an option, so the wine probably wasn't a good idea - but damn did we have a good time! All I can say is that "I Will Survive" is the BEST song to Karaoke and Rhonda rocked the house. She's such a Texan.

I must say that Jordan shook his groove thing, too, and made some friends. There was one moment when he looked at me like a person, I swear, like a person and not a mother. He said, "Gosh, you're tall!" Then, he asked me to dance and actually spun me around a couple of times. Look out, ladies, latin lover in training. Although, right now, he's outside with his battle material playing war with his friends.

And Sofia, she got her hair straightened yesterday and thought she was "all that - little miss thing" at dinner. She stole my lipgloss and hid it, I had to beg her to give it back to me. I am in BIG trouble. To give you an idea of what a little five year old witch she is, the other day, Jordan woke up and started complaining that he didn't want to go to school because he was tired, and he went on complaining for like twenty minutes. Suddenly, a little voice piped up from her bedroom, Sofia Madyson said, "I want to go to school, I love school." She instigates...constantly. Her latest expression is, "Mommy, (love that she calls me Mommy and not Mamma)you've ruined my life." She is 100% DRAMA. I love her name..."Sofia" means wisdom and we need a little of that around here, and "Madyson" was for the people lost in 9-11, I wanted a name that had a little New York City in it. I guess I got what I asked for:).

Before I go - I have to pack, still haven't started...I think I'm packing six pairs of shoes, there is something really wrong with that, I'm becoming my mom- I just need to share something with all of you. It's called "going to the wall." See, we went to have lunch at the International Festival, I had a grilled sausage sandwich with onions and sauerkraut and a big beer. We sat at a picnic table (it's like 70° and BEAUTIFUL here today)ran into friends and I kid you not, Bob Marley started playing on the radio. As the words, "This is an amazing moment!" left my mouth, they took out the Bob Marley cd and put in a Vasco Rossi cd. I could have cried, but I was really enjoying that sausage. Anyway, what is the MOST important part of a festival???


Well, not a one to be found, sooooo, we had to "go to the wall." Sofia and Jordan both started doing the pee-pee dance and screaming "gotta go". What's a mother to do in Grosseto with ALL shops closed and not a bathroom in sight? Yes, I took my children down the steps to an isolated place in the park against a wall with dogshit lining it (where the hell am I?) and told Jordan to take care of business. Sofia? I had to hold her legs and body up so she wouldn't get soaked, she is so heavy!!!! So, when she was finished, I tried to maneuver to get the kleenex to wipe her, felt her slipping and start screaming, I lost control of her and... dropped her. (rotfl)

Have a good one...and BTW: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...It's a duck *smile*

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