Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sumo-Style Commenters

I decided to allow all comments without moderating them beforehand...interesting experience.

*Things that make me go, hmmmmm.*

Anonymous said, "K.L. if you don't want to learn ASL nor social with deaf then you are hearing. Get off the deafread blog, get lost."

K.L. replied,
Nice hiding there.
I'm not on DeafRead, I'm on Jodi's blog. It just happens to be connected to DeafRead.
Cochlear implants are now part of the deaf community. Inescapable. You might want to learn about how they work rather than just diss the families that choose them.

Comment by anon — March 17, 2008 @ 3:38 pm
Jean Boutcher: quit being an ass, ok?
(really ugly:()

White Ghost added:
Hey, need a break and take a flirty visit at Seek Geo's blog, "Seek Alex" -- plezzzeeee visit his blog at DR's extra and vote to move his blog into the front!
Seek Alex is a damn cute! He's really Legola from "The Lord of the Rings" movie!
Oh my....I'm flirting....

*Things that make me reflect...*
Anonymous said...
Are you sure that all parents know what's best for their children?

I have a student in my classroom that is 13 years old, had a CI since she was 2, and still is not speaking or able to understand anything other than her name. She is not using ASL or any other language or code, visual or auditory. Yet, the mother refuses to use any other method than oralism. Can you honestly tell me that this mother is doing what is best for her child?

Or take the 12 year old girl who is using ASL beautifully, uses hearing aids for environmental sounds, and is generally very happy and content with herself. Her father is trying to get her a CI. Is this really the best option at this time?

Or take the 11 year old boy who is deaf, has autism, and severe behavior issues. Anytime he misbehaves, his father beats him with a belt. Is he really doing what is best for his child?

I'm sorry, but I'm sick of parents claiming that they know what's best for their own children when they don't. It is in these situations of child neglect and abuse that we tend to want to take a step forward and say hey... this isn't necessarily the best option. If you saw your neighbor beating up their child, wouldn't you intervene? I would certainly hope so. It takes a village to raise a child. If you aren't raising them right, I sure will step in and say so.

March 18, 2008 3:22 PM

Power comment by Val:
I refuse to let others pass judgement on parents for trying to be parents.

Yes, there are some terrible parents. I have sent parents to jail for sexual abuse. I attended three funerals in the last year for parents who "forgot" to give their children medicine for asthma or seizures. I watched a parent take off his belt and beat his child in my classroom. But I also cried with a parent who buried her son after he died of a heart attack at Disney World. I helped a parent find affordable housing and a job to get out of a relationship. I cried when parents came home from Iraq and hugged their children for the first time in 15 months. I celebrated birthdays and holidays with families. I excited children to learn. I watched fantastic parents raise great children. These parents are not too proud to ask for help and they are not too proud to cry with you and celebrate as well.

Maybe I need to not be so focused on Deaf Community. Maybe I need to remember I want to be involve in the Human Community. I want positive, great people to be around. Join or stay within your own community. Thank you Jodi for your words. You always make me think and go hmmmmm..

and last but not least...

*Things that make me smile*
Yesterday, Jordan discovered cologne. My friend Christina gave Jordan a Sergio Tacchini gift bag of shower gel, cologne and deodorant for Christmas that I had put away never to be found again until the other day. He began experimenting and after spraying, dousing and drowning himself in the cologne (Note: My house will never smell the same no matter how long I keep the windows open) he declared himself..."Manly."
This AXE commercial definitely did not help the situation:(To deactivate blog music click on the radio-like lookin' thing located in the upper right-hand column)

When he came home from school today, he declared that three girls had checked him out!

Yeah. That's my boy!


Divided said...

Oh lord, my 16 year old grandson is using AXE...he has all kinds of bottles (deodorant, shampoo, body wash....etc) in his bathroom it reeks. When we come to visit, his bathroom is also ours...sigh! I sure don't miss SOME of the teenage years. The AXE commercial is no longer it said.

More power to you Val and others who made yesterday's blog interesting. Lots of good comments and human emotions. So glad I found ya'all here....especially thanks to Jodi for making this happen!!!

Divided said...

Tried the AXE commercial again and it works...go figure??!! Umph..boys will be boys....err, men will be men?? he he

K.L. said...

It is so sad when you have to teach your SON how to properly apply that stuff. I never thought I'd be showing my son how to not overdo the cologne, or loan him earring backs because he lost his. I really hate Axe. How anyone can breathe around that stuff is beyond me. We will have to air his room out for a month or more when he gets to the point of moving on his own.

Anonymous said...

its nice to see that you get a kick out of those comments but why do you give it a lot of thought? Why care? Live and let live.... and keep on blogging you sexy blogger!

Anonymous said...

LMAO.. that is funny what White Ghost said. I agree Seek Alex is so cute to look at! ;-) He he..

OMG, I had to see this commercial over and over for AXE, that guy in a suit is definitely to die for. LOL

I agree that I can't stand people when they use too much cologne, I barely can breath and even sneeze at times.

Oh speaking of sexy Seek Alex and that guy in the commercial, I heard you are one sexy blogger! ;-)

Have a great night! Ha ha


Anonymous said...

Hey Geo,

That man in the suit in the AXE commercial was none other than Ben Affleck, the movie star. I thot it funny that the kid in the elevator had more chick "counts" running on his meter than Affleck's. Because he was using AXE cologne, of course...Unfortunately Affleck's taken-- he's married to Jennifer Garner, I believe. :))


Kim said...

I had to laugh at KL's comment about loaning her sons earring backs. I got my ears pierced for a second time with one of my sons. Usually you think of that as a mother/daughter outing. He had already been pierced by a friend, then got infected. I wanted to make sure he did it the right way the second time, so went with him. The he became queazy at the sight of the piercing gun, so I sat in the chair and demonstrated how painless it was by having my own ears pierced a second time. Gawd-- what we moms do . . .

I know what you mean about the cologne too. (smile) We were gone out of state for about a week. My two boys were here alone. One lives here all the time, the other was home from spring break. When I came in the house it smelled SO strong of cologne. They had been entertaining girls. My fine champagne glasses were out, and one of them had set the table with a linen tablecloth. I would have been impressed, except that they had also dug out their old box of legos and action figures from God knows where.

Unknown said...

To ALL...
Oh my GOSH, you guys kill me! These were the BEST stories. Our first experience with AXE was at Baltimore ARTFEST last year where the AXE "women" were giving out free samples. Needless to say, Jordan snagged a bottle on every corner, can you even imagine the stench in the car on the way home. Yes, he smuggled them back to Italy and while playing with a friend exploded one of the bottles...horrendous. Finally, I confiscated all AXE products - who created that smell???
We've managed to move on to Sergio Tacchini *smile*
BTW, who is spreading vicious rumors that I'm sexy??? I'm just a Mamma who puts a pink cellphone in the front pocket of some tight pants. *laughing* Jodi

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd!

The AXE actor is *REALLY* Ben Affleck!

Really he is!

Wanna some strawberry with the chocolate? Have some Licks!

I just gave Paotie a birthday present.

here it is:


White Ghost

Anonymous said...


AXE? Never tried it.

I had to laugh about Jordan! When I was his age, I mixed cocktails of all the colognes and perfumes my parents had into little glasses. And then I'd proudly wear it.

Until they came home and began asking things like, "Where's the skunk!?" or, "What have you done NOW!?"

Anyway, its probably safe to say Jordan's got "game", too.




VBnBama said...

the other Val here, just had to say, I'm still lovin' your blog, even my sister reads it now(how funny). My obsessive mother buys my sister's two boys body wash (different varieties) every other week it seems like. They just laugh when Nanny hands them YET ANOTHER BOTTLE OF BODY WASH!! I don't know if she just forgets or if she thinks they need that much. They can wash for years on their stock pile of scented body washes.hmmm, hope mother doesn't read this blog...I'd better stop right

Valerie said...

Thank you for posting my power comment. I write from my soul. hubby lives in it. I throw out the bottles and more multiply in the house. I think he buys it by the carton. So I buy more clothespin....
Val - the other one