Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fairy Dust: Sprinkle With Care

I had this vicious dream about a year ago. I was standing on the beach with my back to the sea and I saw three tornadoes from a distance approaching rapidly. The first tornado veered off into the sea, the second tornado passed me by and the third and biggest came directly at me. It stopped in front of me and a face appeared in the middle of the tornado. It stared directly into my eyes and I awoke..breathing heavily.

There are situations in life over which we have no control. As adults we have the power to make decisions even when others seemingly control our destiny- we can control how we act, feel and respond in these situations based on how we have lived other traumatic events.

Sofia is in the staring the tornado in the face phase, but she has no prior traumatic experiences from which to draw strength.

Once upon a time...I was Sofia.

Sofia: MOMMY I HAVE A STOMACHACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (hugging Sofia) Sofia, you know, last night I had a dream and an angel came to talk to me. She told me you were having bad dreams and seeing monsters and she was very worried about you, because she loves you. She gave me something magical to give to you.

Sofia: What Mommy?

Me: (hiding hand clenched in a fist) She gave me a fistful of magical fairy dust, she put it right in the palm of my hand.

Sofia: Mommy, come on, there's no such thing as fairydust.

Me: Well, now, I sure am sorry you feel that way, because the angel told me it's only for very imaginative, intelligent little girls who love Lady Gaga.

Sofia: Go on.

Me: Magical fairydust can only be seen in dreams because the colors are so bright and glittery that a human eye would go blind if it were visible not in dreams. It's a kind of powerful stuff that you can only see when you close your eyes and try to imagine being close enough to touch a rainbow.

Sofia: (staring at my fist) So, what does it do?

Me: The angel told me that everytime you have a bad dream or feel so sad that your stomach starts to hurt, you need to take a fistful of fairydust, throw it at the monster or rub it on your tummy and millions of sparkling butterflies will appear before your eyes.

Sofia: (Smiling)

Me: I was instructed to put the dust in the palm of your hand, you have to squeeze it tightly and then we put it over your heart together, only then will it work in case of monsters.

We performed the ritual and Sofia smiled.

Sofia: Mommy, it works, my stomachache is gone!



Debbie said...

And the best Mommy in the Universe award goes toooo.....(drum roll)...JODI CUTLER DEL DOTTORE! Uh huh!!! Brilliant stuff. I love hearing these stories -- thanks for sharing this one. It's so special -- because we've ALL been Sophia=)

Stephen said...

Loved it! Lucky Sofia! dad

Unknown said...

Oh aren't you so I'm leaving tomorrow- can't believe it.I just got up-I'm going back to bed and not getting up until it's time to get on the train to take the plane for a hundred you
Dad...I'll be in touch. Love you ...the kids say hi Nonno.

Jo (Australia) said...

Jodi, have a fabulous time going home. I know all about long plane rides, believe me, that feel like they are never going to end. 100 hours is about accurate! lol Jo xx

Anonymous said...

Great story. I am using that one with my kids!!!
Deb b

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.