Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Eleven Year Old Deaf Italian Ci-Wearing Stallion

Here's a little history on my Italian Stallion in training...can't imagine who he gets it from! These are some old posts from the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle that I wanted to share, so you have an idea how every part of the growing up process is a deaf ci kid moment...
Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2007:
Okay. My husband and I have been outside with Jordan, Sofia and six
other kids chasing each other on roller-blades. There is this one
adorable girl named Benedetta on the street and my son is chasing her
around and vice versa. He's in love. He asked me to ask her to be his
girlfriend. I tell him, that that is just not happening, I have to
draw the line somewhere with this parent advocate stuff. So, I take
him into a corner and do the role-play thing to prepare him what to
say to her so he can ask her to be his girlfriend. He tells me he's
going to ask her in front of everyone and I suggest that he invite
her into his personal office (the bench in the court) and do it
privately instead so as not to embarrass her. He accepts this advice,
yet bides his time. Just when the girls are leaving to go home, keep
in mind it's ten thirty here, he calls "Benedetta, I have to tell you
something!" She's madly racing home cause she got the come
immediately home call from her mom, so Jordan pulls the "Agnese"
(Agnis) card and pulls aside their mutual friend. He says, as
rehearsed, "Agnese, tell Benedetta that I think she is beautiful,
would she like to be my girlfriend?" So Agnese, the good friend that
she is, races down the street after Benedetta to tell her the
request. I'm of course hiding behind a bush observing everything and
my husband is just behind me laughing.
We see Agnese come racing back and Jordan, I swear goes, "Agnese,
tell me in my ear!" What does she say? "Benedetta said, she'll tell
you tomorrow!"
So now we're sitting here sweating it out, Jordan walks in and
says, "Thank God she didn't say "No" or I'd be crying all night!!!"
And so the wait begins...Jodi
Result: rejection

September 21, 2007:
Well, Jordan Eric started Middle School one week ago and already
amazing things are happening. Yesterday, he came home from school
and began the Middle School pace around the kitchen. Usually, after
Elementary School he would come home, slam his books on the sofa,
demand his lunch and not talk to anyone for an hour...his unwinding
time. Now that Middle School has begun...he paces. He said to
me, "Mamma, two incredible things happened today in Italian and
during Recess...but I'm not going to tell you what they were!" As
I'm thinking whether to approach this with the "Oh, tell me tell me"
method or the "Whenever you're ready to tell me you'll tell me!"
method, he suddenly says, "Okay, I'll tell you!" (He was dying to
spit it out!) He said, "Today in Italian, I talked for two hours
about being deaf and my cochlear implant. I told all my new
classmates about going on tv and talking about my cochlear implant
(in Italy)and I talked forever. I also asked the whole class if they
wanted to go on a field trip to the USA. *grin* Then, the two most
beautiful girls in my class asked me questions about being on tv and
what I could hear, and I answered them. Then, another beautiful
thing happened at recess, all the girls in the class came up to me
and said, "JOrdan, you're the best!"
So, I am listening to all of this in awe, watching him tell me
everything and he is so excited, bouncing. Of course I give him
the, "I am so proud of you!" and I'm smiling the rest of the day for
my son who has just started Middle School and who is proud enough of
who he is to explain it to a new class of 27. The teacher had asked
each child to explain something about themselves. He could have
talked about baseball or his summer at the beach or anything,
instead he chose to explain his cochlear implant.

This would have been enough, but the day did not end here. After
lunch he went back to school for his first guitar lesson at Middle
School. He attends a Middle School specializing in Music Education
and he takes guitar lessons. Note: after the Benedetta saga and his
rejection, just before Middle School started he decided he liked a
new girl, Erica, who is also one of my students. She comes once a
week for English lessons. She goes to his school and is a YEAR
OLDER. She happened to be at the Middle School because she had her
violin lesson the same time he had his guitar lesson. She finished
before Jordan so our families were outside talking. When Jordan
finally finished he came outside and saw Erica. He played it cool.
He talked to her about school stuff for a little and then it was
time to go. Luca, Sofia, Jordan and I started to head for the car
and Erica and her mom began walking to their car. Keep in mind,
Jordan had already asked me to ask Erica to be his girlfriend and
once again I had to go through the speech that I will not "get him a
girlfriend." So, I pulled him aside and said if you're gonna ask
her to go to a movie, now's the time, there are no kids around so if
she says no, no one sees it. He got the shy, what if she rejects me
face, and as Luca and I looked on, he made his move. He slowly
walked to Erica's car, I closed my eyes, it was just too much to
bear, then I looked at Luca who looked at me...we were I think,
When I looked back at Jordan walking back towards us, he had this
little grin on his face and he was walkin' like a man! He reached
the car and in this nonchalant voice said, "I asked her to the
movies and she said, 'okay, yes!'"
SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she said yes,
oh my gosh, a girl said yes to my son!
Before dinner, later that night, he called the family and told all
of this to my mother-in-law, then my mom. When he sat down at the
table, he said, "Mom, this has been a beautiful day!"
Result: Got the "yes," but never went on the date...

This is the latest:
Jordan is still in love with Sara. Yesterday, during our weekly English lesson, his friend Luciano dropped the bomb - he has a girlfriend - the most beautiful girl in his Middle School that a couple other of my students had told me THEY were in love with. So, I said,"Luciano, what is your secret?" He went on to tell us how he had professed his undying love to this girl Ilaria only to be rejected. Then, he had a brilliant idea. The latest craze in Italian tween fashion is a brand called GO 101, which are black tees, sweatshirts, hats, etc. with a stick figure little man and a saying under the character like "Clueless," "VIP," "BOSS," "GANGSTER," (the one I bought for Jordan says, "NEVER GIVE UP," AND despite the fact that I'm old, mine says "CRAZY-MESS":)As if there were any doubts)so Luciano apparently bought this girl one that says, "IN LOVE!" She melted, appreciated the creativity and sincerity and agreed to be his girlfriend.
You can only imagine what Jordan's next question was...(to be continued...)

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