Monday, January 14, 2008


First of all, if anyone is trying to send me emails, my email server has been down for two days...SO FRUSTRATING! I have a little story to tell about something that happened yesterday, but first I want to say that a decree was issued in Italy that requires the telephone companies to allow all deaf people 50 free text messages a day. Does anything like this exist in the USA? Pretty psyched about it, it is supposed to go into effect immediately, but things here are always so slow...
Okay. Yesterday, my friend and I took Jordan and two friends to the movies. After nine years of never going for a Sunday matinee because the theaters here sucked, they finally opened a multi-plex cinema, so I am making up for lost time with plenty of popcorn - real popcorn, American-style, heaven. Jordan had been bugging me to see Io Sono Legenda (I Am Legend - Will Smith)

for like three weeks. Being the freakin' idiot that I am (AND figuring that this would be a typical Will Smith action film), with my head in Blogville at the moment, I neglected to read what the film was about...well, I certainly was not expecting THAT! Terrifying, dark, psychologically traumatic for my brain, especially where it is right now and my son, my sensitive, small, eleven year old child was there sitting through this film - not at all suitable for his age group. But, see, he's at that age where I can't MAKE HIM LEAVE A MOVIE THEATER, especially when he's with friends. (This is where the helping him find his balls part comes in:)) However, one of the friends he was with, I could see was having a difficult time dealing with the concept of the total decline of humanity, so I grabbed him and took him out of the movie theater. Jordan refused to leave...I let him choose.
This friend, Giacomo (James) and I went to the lobby and I gave him my iPod to listen to some Rhianna to lighten his mood, he was pretty destroyed by the film's was I:) After we used humor to combat the effect created by the scene in the dark house where you can see all of the alien-looking naked people, Giacomo said, "Well, I'm kind of curious to see what happens next." And I was thinking, there just has to be some type of thing going on in the movie that takes you out of darkness to light, so I thought to myself, "Maybe it's okay to go back in, so he can let go of some of the fear." Another one of my brilliant ideas...we walk back into the theater and sit down just in time for Will Smith to explode the one hundred alien-people storming his house, gun shots, animal-like screaming, dark vs. light, neverending torture. I covered Giacomo's eyes and Jordan reached over at the same time to help me cover Giacomo's eyes, yet continued watching. I grabbed Giacomo again and we left...for good.
We waited outside for Sonia, Jordan and Simone to come out of the movie. When they finally got outside, we started talking about the movie, and I said, "Jordan, why didn't you just get up and leave? How could you sit through that movie?"
Jordan looked at all of us and said, "During the bad parts, I closed my eyes and shut off my ci!"
My deaf child is amazing.


Anonymous said...

I popped over to your site with my daughter at my side, didn't realize my speakers were set at earsplitting levels until "Umbrella" shook the house. Literally -- it's a very old house! It's a snow day - no school -- and we're snowed in and padding around the house in PJs and no CI. She totally felt that song: thanks to technology: although this time a Mac and a sub woofer, and not her CI :) . She bounced and banged away on the speaker throughout the entire song -- so very 'foo'!

Thanks for the dance!


Abbie said...

And that is the perfect example of the ultimate power:

Being able to switch off your CI :)

VBnBama said... boy!! you crack me up the way you matter of factly throw in tidbits of everyday living (finding his balls)...haha

K.L. said...

To this day, Rachel takes off her coil in the bathroom. She just doesn't like the sound of the toilet flushing. She has also been known to turn it off when her older brother is teasing her.

Anonymous said...

I sat there and just laughed and laughed out loud at this story! My dog thinks I'm loony.

This is SUCH an advantage to being deaf! We get to decide when we want to hear. LOL

Thanks for a great read. :)

Sharon Pajka,Ph.D. said...

You gotta love him for that! Adolescents are so matter of fact.

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!!!!
PLEASE, PLEASE send me another video of Li-Li, the MOST adorable child ever (along with Erin Toes)! I can just imagine her jamming, precious! Big hug, Jodi

Unknown said...

You the woman! Smile, Jodi

Unknown said...

Hiya K.L.,
Actually, that's funny because my daughter Sofia (hearing)always refuses to use the bathroom on the airplane, she is TERRIFIED of the flush! Kiss that girl for me, Jodi

Unknown said...

Thought you'd like that one, Val! LY, Jodi

Unknown said...

Do you drink beer? We might have to dish the cappuccino and have a rippin' girls night out! Jodi

Unknown said...

I miss you! Big hug, Jodi