Thursday, January 3, 2008


(Just downloaded this beauty! Disregard previously written frustration!)

I used to just steal Val's photos and videos of her ADORABLE kids! Now, I'm stealing her entire blog, also because BLOGGER WILL NOT LET ME DOWNLOAD PIX FROM MY COMPUTER-ONLY IMAGES! Between my cramps, computer issues and the freaking bar of chocolate I just ate, I am so annoyed...and then there was Val, who sent me the most miraculous picture of our book with a library bar code. There was an even better picture she sent me where you can see Gage and Brook's cis really clearly and it was just the most beautiful photo I've ever seen...AND I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT! Can you tell I'm frustrated? Anyway...thank you, Val!

Val, bless her gigantic heart, wrote:
I can't tell you how honored I was to walk into my library today and check out Jodi's book Rally Caps. I've read the book already since I ordered a copy for myself a while back but decided it should be in my library as well and here it is!! We were the first at our library to check it out! All I had to do was ask the library after I had them help me search for books w/characters wearing cochlear implants. When they discovered they had none to offer, they were more than happy to put her book in our library and told me anytime I had a specific book in mind they would always do their best to order it for me! How nice is that? You rock Jodi!
PS. Note the choice of music on the blog today. To give you an idea of how warped Italian adolescents are these days and to give you an idea of how old I feel as I try to help their messed-up heads, this was the song one of my students played on his cell phone. He said, "Hey Jodi, have you heard the latest group - Guns N'Roses?" Lesson over.

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