Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Oh my gosh, I'm sitting here in a pair of tights, a sweater and a turtleneck - have got to get in the shower...Jordan will kill me when he reads these one day, but for now...what he doesn't know...I was working on the computer about two hours ago when my cell phone blinged - text message. I went to see who it was and dropped the phone when I saw it was for Jordan. The kids' parents in the class have my cell as a contact number, so this chick was sending me a message for Jordan. This is what the little message said:
For Jordan from Marty (Marty is Martina):
How are you? I've had a high fever for the past three days, but today I'm better. If all goes well, I'll be back in school on Thursday. Say hi to your mom. See you soon. Your friend, Martina.

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Yeah, she wants him. How sweet is that? My little boy just got his first text message from a girl. This girl is adorable! She plays the guitar, too, and she really rocks. Actually, I think the only thing hotter than a guy who plays the guitar, is a girl who plays the guitar...I do not play the guitar. She is one of the girls who sits next to him in class and always helps him copy homework. She even called one day to make sure he had copied the French homework because she had forgotten to copy it and was WORRIED about him. He had copied it, but how nice was that?
Jordan wanted me to lay down with him before he went to sleep, and the first thing he said was, "Hahaha. Martina sent me a message, my first message from a girl." (dying, so adorable)Now the only problem is that he has a heart with the letter "S" for Sara shaved above his ear. I told him he'd have to change the "S" to an "M". He said, "No way!"

His response to Martina's message:
Dear Martina,
Thank you for sending me a message. A really scary thing happened at school today! Come back soon! See you Thursday, Jordan.

I was like, Jordan, what scary thing happened at school? He said, "Nothing! Just made it up to mess with her." My son has a personality...cool.


Jennifer said...

Oh, me...this is just the beginning!! Watch out, Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You got a photo up! :) What a sweet story. I bet Jordan went to sleep with a smile on his face!

Love the "messing with her" bit. He is a riot!

Anonymous said...

"Tight jeans?"

NICE blog!

You know, I've been following Jordan's travels for a bit now, and you've got me hooked. I do enjoy reading your articles, and living in Italy vicariously through you.

Interesting grading system in Italy!

Keep on truckin' ..



Unknown said...

Nope, just tights, as in the skirt was off...(rofl) I dig you too, Jodi

sara said...

Awww! That is so cute! He's so lucky to be growing up in an age with text messaging! What a great time to be deaf (if there ever was one).

Loudest Mom said...

CUTE!!! Still seems far away though, when I look at my little boys. Delaney on the other hand looks older every day :(

Abbie said...

Just wait until they start showing up at the door!

mishkazena said...

That's so cute. His very first experience with a girl having a crush on him.