Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Possibilities...

I have this pair of shiny patent leather black boots with a very minor heel, practically non-existent. About a three months ago, I was wearing these boots and walking with Jordan to the doctor's office. We were rushing, and at a certain point I must have hit a bump in the hazzardous pavement, because the boot shot out and with it my ankle. Jordan laughed as I screamed from the pain shooting through my ankle and he said, "Mom, slow down!"

So I did.

Four months ago I interviewed with a sort of advertising agency who asked me to go to Dubai.. I said okay and started dreaming Dubai. Then, I received the phonecall saying that they would no longer need me to go to Dubai and the brick wall smashed my nose.
One week later I received another phonecall from a large company asking me to come to speak to the President. I went to talk to the President, met an incredible, fascinating person who gave me a job opportunity that fit perfectly with my schedule. Nothing major in terms of work, but the possibility to travel through that person's mind and experiences has enriched me more than I expected.


Every new person we meet, time we spend alone just to think, looking back on a life and learning and growing. The other night I tried "bottarga" and drank an exceptional bottle of wine with a friend. New food stimulates sensations and stories.

Sometimes life requires that we look at it with different eyes, in the exciting, the dull, the passionate and the frozen pizza.

Through our kids we relive sidewalk chalk, hide and go seek and that first spray of deodorant.

And it is good to sit back and feel something.

I've been preparing for the NHS 2010 with other parents from around the world, other parents who are passionate and motivated and who teach me something new every email sent.

It is good to have a glimpse into the lives of the others, it makes you think of how you can improve your own.

I need to go home. I need to take my kids to my home. We need a break. Don't know how we're getting there, but I'll find a way. It is a priority.

The GPOD has a meeting with the CDC at the conference to discuss a project on parental support in EHDI worldwide.

That is a priority as well.

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Anonymous said...

I like your priorities! I took my kids "home" last year and it was wonderful! Always good to go "home".

I hope you make it.