Monday, May 17, 2010


Love...still can't figure it out- comes in so many shapes and sizes.
I love my kids, my parents, my ex-husband, my sister, my dog and my friends who have helped me through this period.
I love the moms I meet every day through email or in person who are living the same experience I lived with Jordan.
I have met meny in this period.
I love the moments and I learn.
But what moments can compare to four in a bed?
We are so many people in one- Mother, Woman, Worker, Cleaner, Slave, Chauffer, etc.
Balancing it all is thoroughly exhausting and honestly, I hit the love limit. However, once the roles start coming together and they come together with passion, sacrifice and integrity...just maybe you can start giving again.
I still can't figure out whether or not we can choose to love or not to love someone.
We either love or we don't?
See, that's the thing about love. It comes in so many shapes and sizes, that it isn't always flaming can be pink.
But we have been trained to associate true love with flaming red...
What if it's really white?

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