Saturday, April 26, 2008

CI Activation - 9 Month Old Hunter AND CI CIRCLE Sends Two Kids to CI Camp!

Just got home from the movies and I was already in a good mood after watching SAAAAAAMOKIN' Matthew McConaughey for two hours, when I saw this posted on the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle:

CI Circle members bought enough products from my Cafe Press designs
that 2 children are going to get scholarships
to the 13th Annual
Cochlear Implant Summer Listening Camp
(a week long daycamp outside
of Dallas, TX).
I'm very excited we were able to do this!
Thank you and feel free to keep purchasing products so we can send
more kiddos!
~Pamela "Living Out Loud" "Silence is Golden..." "No More Silent Nights" "Fairy"
---my favorite for little
girls. :)

Camp Info:
Children ages 3 - 11 who have cochlear implants participate in day
camp activities from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Each
camper is paired with a graduate student buddy who maintains a focus
on listening and oral communication within the camp environment.

SO EXCITED!!!!! We started to create a Cochlear Implant Awareness Campaign about eight months ago (Note: at that time there was only one design on Cafe Press for Cochlear Implants, now there are 96) on the Circle and now two kids will be receiving scholarships...WHAT A GROUP!!

Hunter's Activation Video...nine months old.


Valerie said...

I wish I could find a shirt for me! Something that saids Hearing my daughter say I love you is priceless. Guess I will keep looking.

Love the activation video. They always make me cry. Oh course Jenna watched it 4 times and had the whole house watch it too. There is something so priceless as the joy of hearing your parents voice for the first time or your child's voice.

Unknown said...

Val...go to and key in cochlear implants. Rachel and another mom, Mary Beth have created a bunch of amazing designs. There is also key in cochlear implants where another mom, Tessa has created some designs...check it out and kiss your dancing queen Jenna for me! Jodi

Anonymous said...

Plus, CI gal, you can MAKE your OWN on those sites, which sounds really fun! I haven't done it but it looks relatively easy with the right drawing programs. I was looking at breast cancer shirts for my sister and some on there are truly hysterical... there are so many. I love "save 2nd base..."

I bet, too, that Rachel might make you one if you asked. She's pretty talented... :-)

Anonymous said...

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