Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Better Hearing and Speech Month Event- Heads Up!

One hour. One free hour to spend how I want. Miraculous. So, here I am with some INFO that is LONG overdue. I have a couple of people who have sent emails with exciting events that I have been remiss in posting and this will follow. First, I need to unwind after a long and frustrating morning that started off on a beautiful note.


One of the most spectacular parts of my day is the morning wake-up call from Sofia Madyson aka Criminal. (note: she did go back to the supermarket to confess her crime, pay for the stolen merchandise and look like the guilty five-year old thief that she was. She received a lollipop for speaking up and looking ashamed. Jordan laughed. I looked really mean and convincing. She knows that the next stop is Police Headquarters should temptation sway her EVER again. See, now, spanking just wouldn't have served any purpose in that situation. I diverge.) Anyway, Sofia wakes up and I say, "Good Morning, Baby," (princess, beautiful girl, adorable daughter, whatever comes out of my mouth)and she always responds, "Good Morning, Mommy." I melt. Then, she jumps in my bed and we cuddle, snuggle, tickle and hug for like twenty minutes. She is the softest, roundest snuggler ever and the best part is that she still has that sleep warmth from just waking up. Then, she breathes. And kills me. She has this killer morning fish-breath that makes me gag. So, then it's straight to the bathroom for the brushing of the teeth and our morning race begins.


Sunday in Grosseto was the most amazing day, sunny and warm. We spent it on the beach that was filled with impromptu sunbathers wearing only undergarments, so we joined them and I laid out in a bra and jeans, I have never... Then, as required by the heat and sun, Luca went and got two Coronas
and I swear I haven't felt such peace in a long time. Jordan went collecting seashells and Sofia was at the MIL's. Afterwards, we went to one of the beach establishments with friends for some church event featuring soul music. The guy who had a good voice started belting out some gospel tunes and even added an interesting rendition of James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend." (Live for James Taylor!) But, when he started preaching Jesus, I had to leave and go hang out on the beach staring at the sea.

Having lived in Baltimore my entire life, three hours from the closest beach, I never cease to be amazed at having the sea only twelve minutes from my house. I don't really take advantage of it as much as I'd like, but Sunday, I definitely did. Beautiful. I can say that I left the Jesus preaching because it was the second day of Passover and it just didn't seem right to me to participate in a religious event that wasn't a seder...far away from my family. Just one of those moments. I thought a lot about my grandfather while sitting there on the beach...

Now for the news:

Kathy Temean, the woman who designed the cover for RALLY CAPS and our website has been working with another gentleman named Daniel Wilson. She referred me to his website and newsletter where I found the following statement:

I can not stress enough the point I made in the second newsletter about letting your little one come to fruition on their own timetable. Forcing talking or anything else will only make you frustrated which in turn your child will express right back to you. (Been there, done that) Remember, children are the unconcious projections of their parents! If your child needs help, you will know and be able to find it.

He also has a FORUM posted on his website that deals with the following issues:

* Speech Apraxia
* Autism
* Feeding Issues
* Language Acquisition
* Down Syndrome

Check it out when you have a chance...

I also received this letter (my first official contact from Cochlear Americas - she said she liked my "To Spank or Not to Spank Your Deaf Child" post, *smile*) - IMPORTANT: Heads up to all those interested-

I thought you might like to know that Cochlear Americas will be hosting its first-ever online panel discussion around the subject of hearing loss on May 1st. This event coincides with the kick-off of Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) - May 2008. The month provides a great opportunity to educate and inform the general public about the importance of good hearing, the social and emotional implications of hearing loss, and the available solutions. Hearing loss affects people of all ages - from toddlers to seniors - and can greatly impact the lives of families and caregivers. Cochlear will be bringing together patients, healthcare providers, and experts in the field to share personal stories and discuss the latest developments in treating hearing loss. They'll also be available to answer your questions via live chat during the session. The panelists include:

Amy Popp, Audiologist and Clinical Educator, Cochlear Americas
Linda Day, Cochlear recipient and Awareness Manager, Cochlear Awareness Network
Brenda Batatt, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America

Additionally, Emmy award nominee and actress-singer, Kassie DePaiva of “One Life to Live” whose son, J.Q. DePaiva, was born deaf but can now hear with the help of a cochlear implant, will also share her inspirational story.
Cochlear will also be announcing the results of a national survey that focuses on the social and emotional implications of advanced hearing loss. It has been administered to adults who have a relationship with someone who is profoundly deaf, as a friend, family member or colleague, as well as those who are themselves profoundly deaf. The online panel discussion on May 1st will be a unique opportunity to discuss the findings of this survey with the leading minds on hearing loss, and we would be very happy to have you attend this event.

The event logistics are as follows:

May 1st, 10:00 a.m. PT/ 12:00 p.m. ET
Registration: https://meetings.webex.com/meetings/j.php?ED=5287797&RG=1&UID=483330092
Dial-in: 866-469-3239 or 650-429-3300, closed caption will be available

MUST-ADD THIS (still rotfl):
Val said...

I popped B(4.5 yrs old) on the butt once yesterday (didn't hurt at all but broke her heart)...why? Because after weeks of displaying her middle finger to strangers down the road, her teacher, etc. and she KNOWS it's inappropriate...we've placed her in time out each time which is usually effective w/other stuff...but when I picked Gage up from school yesterday, I happen to glance in the backseat to catch her proudly holding her finger up to ALL THE TEACHERS AND KIDS at the elementary school as we drove past...front and center. I made her wait in her room for me for like five minutes before I came in...she was so "tore up" crying her eyes out, after our talk I barely popped her butt and she remained in her room sobbing for like five minutes. Then it was over! Let's hope it works! Even Gage was very upset w/her...go figure!



Anonymous said...

I just went to the Cochlear Registration and it says the meeting is at 12pm ET. Just an FYI.

Anonymous said...

I got that Cochlear info too, and I'll be there!

Unknown said...

I noticed that, too, I'll make the correction...THANKS!! Jodi

Rachel, I will see you there! May 1st is a holiday in Italy...looks like I'll be coming home earlier from the beach. Jodi

K.L. said...

I know all about those pesky kid antics. When your deaf child gets very proficient with swear words (in context) do you laugh or cry?

Unknown said...

K.L. - At first you laugh...then when they start flying at you, you take action first and laugh to yourself later. Of course, there is the old wash their mouth out with soap alternative-haven't needed to go there as of yet. Welcome to my world. xoxo, Jodi

VBnBama said...

I love that acdc song thanks

okay, that was straight from the horse's mouth. Unfortunately he wanted to add you to his favorites list so he'd have easy access to Ms. Jodi's blog. Not happenin'!! You make even me blush sometimes so let's leave it at that.
Glad everything went well w/little man's surgery!

Unknown said...

You tell little man Gage that that song was for him! And that he can only listen to the music from this blog...for another twenty years. High five that big guy...Jodi

Laurie said...

Hello! I found your blog from Jennifer's blog. . .nice to meet you! Your kids are so cute! I am looking forward to reading more about you and your family.

P.S. I love James Taylor, too! And I got the Cochlear information, too.

~Laurie (Jen's friend!)

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie!
Nice to meet you. There is something so bizarre about meeting friends through internet friends, this whole thing kills me sometimes. And it's amazing how you can get to know a person better by means of computer than when you come into direct contact with that person on a daily basis.
Anyway, thanks so much for your comment...hugs, Jodi

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

OMG. Coronas. Seashells. Does life get any better?

thanks for the Cochlear info. I'm signing up.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

OMG. Coronas. Seashells. Does life get any better?

thanks for the Cochlear info. I'm signing up.