Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're HOME!!!!

We're HERE!! And already having an amazing time. The flight was great except for the fact that Jordan wanted some coke, so when I opened it, it exploded...all over me and the floor. People do NOT like the sound of an explosion on an airplane *smile*
Heads up! In the Rome airport, they let people with a cochlear implant enjoy the experience of a manual search instead of going through the detector. In Philadelphia they say F You and your Mamma and send you through with a kick in the butt. Jordan is a world traveller and an excellent assistant, you can't imagine what we experienced going through customs and picking up our bags, not to mention that I forgot to bag my cosmetics - freaking plastic baggies...hell - we had to go through Security twice, did my son complain? Nope.

I can't do much on my Mom's computer also because she keeps talking to me while I type and the keyboard is different, SO this is my last post for a while unless by miracle I have another five minutes. I saw the new Cochlear Implant / ASL blog/site, it rocks and is amazing. Nicole's poem was beautiful and K.L., (my mom's computer won't let me leave comments) well, you know I live for you!! Happy to see your voice on a blog.

My mom looks hot, really. She liked my little purple dress for the wedding and said, "Isn't that a little too short?" Umm. Yes. (Relax, Honey, it's just a wedding with 200 policemen)
Hugs to all. I have things to do!

Seeeeeeeee Ya!



Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Welcome home! Glad the flight went well, despite the minor explosion!


Anonymous said...


Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Glad you had a safe trip to the States. Enjoy your time here. :-)

Anonymous said...

"the keyboard is different,"

When I come home from France after using the French keyboard for a few weeks, I'll still find myself having difficulties using the American keyboard for a few days! So, I know the feeling! It's a pain!

Anonymous said...

ehi,vacci piano.!

tuo figlio ti guarda,fila dritto che lui non dimentica.

baci francesca

Unknown said...

Tranquilla :0) Cmq. il cappuccio non era uguale alla tua *smile* Sono andata dalla nonna e mi ha riconosciuta subito...meno male, e stato bellissimo...bacione, Jodi

Unknown said...

Thank you, everyone!!!! I am not wasting one second!! Hugs, Jodi

Unknown said...

:0) :0)

K.L. said...

Thanks for your support. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, but I guess I have stuff to say, and this feels like the right place to say them.

Have a great time, and take lots of pictures. Then share. I want to see lots of policemen.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see the 200 *HOT* policemen along with the six abs! Pleeze feed them the Italy wines and strawberries with the dip-chocolate. Make them in the fondue.

Have fun at the heartland.


White Ghost

Divided said...

did ya pack your pink boa feathers to go with your six inch heels and short dress?? you'd be looking good hitting on all those street corner pubs in

have fun with your family and friends!! ohhhhh, those MD you can get some even though they're not out til next month. lip smacking!!

Unknown said...

You guys are out of your minds...I'm shy :0)lol, Me

K.L., amazing post, you have a strong voice and a lot of experience. Plus, you're funny! Please tell the powers that be that I am honored that they included my blog on their page *smile* Jodi

Anonymous said...

ok,mi fa piacere che apprezzi la differenza(uaw sospiro di sollievo,il mio cappuccino DEVE essere il piu' buono).

buon divertimento e ricordati di salutare tua madre e tua sorella.