Friday, April 25, 2008

Are Your Kids Passion-Killers??

Way too tired to post yesterday...added a new little dance to my teaching repertoire: The Wiggles, "Swim Like a Fish." *Damn near killed me!* What can I say? Pamela inspired me to shake it a little more. It's so funny Hokey Pokeying and Twist and Shouting with the little pre-school niblets and since my immaturity level as of late is extremely low, we kind of understand each other. Usually, the teachers run from the room as soon as they see me coming because they know I represent an hour of peace from the classroom. For some reason, the day I added this new little dance which involves sticking one hand on my head like the fin of a fish that flips and flaps and one hand coming from my butt that splishes and splashes like a tail...THE TEACHERS DECIDEd TO HANG OUT AND WATCH THE LESSON. I figure if I can pole dance at a Gay-Lesbian Bar, what's a little swim-dancin'? So, there I was flipping and flapping and splishing and splashing like a total IDIOT!

*I had so much fun!*

*The kids think I'm crazy...I am:)*

Food for thought: Children are Passion-Killers. How many times have you been in the middle of "The Act" when you suddenly have a child barge through the door? Have there been times when you've just felt the urge to hug your husband only to have your "little Miss Thang" squeeze between the two of you to "claim" her Dad?

Then, for one brief moment, let us pause and reflect. What happens to your marriage when you have a child with a Disability who:
1. drains all of your energy on a daily basis;
2. becomes the center of your universe so that all family components revolve around him;
3. requires your complete and total attention leading to system overload: Mental and Physical?

What happens when you and your husband become such a strong team and so generous with each other as to let one another "escape" from the house to go to the gym or free the brain with some other hobby, so that you start spending more time away from each other than with each other?

You go to the beach and you drink a Corona. You sit and stare at the sea while the kids collect seashells. And since today is a holiday here in Italy...I'm outta here!



Anonymous said...

Go Jodi! The Wiggles are a BIG hit around our house, and car, and preschool... Clink a beer bottle for all of us who aren't staring out at that beautiful sea with you... Cheers!

K.L. said...

Actually its worse when they sneak and you don't know they are there. My son made a comment one time when he was 7 or 8 about mommy and daddy "struggling and wiggling in their nakedness".

Now what do you do?

We laughed like loons.

Valerie said...

The things we do in the name of eduction! Today I allowed students to put a pie in my face at the school spring fair. Whipped cream....never again.

I'm jealous, oh I wish we lived near the ocean. Guess I can settle for the river, with Dr. Pepper since we can't drink in public places. Who cares, as long as my hubby and I send time together that is all that matters. The goal of family is to be with the people who accept you without limitations. I'm so happy that I have that. Enjoy that beer Jodi....wishing for some beer.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Ah yes, same story here in my house. The Wiggles have replaced Dave Matthews. And how many times have Chuck and I looked at eachother and said "Have I've seen you this week?".

So, we're taking your advice. We're going sans monkey to FL in two weeks. Maybe we'll get our groove back.

VBnBama said...

Val, you need a plastic're from GA, so go grab you a Dixie cup(actually I prefer the more sophisticated dishwasher safe plastic, wink) and pop the top on a cold one. You could always say it's apple juice!

Unknown said...

What is it about the name Val? You guys are animals! Love whipped cream, even slammed in my face...and the beach...spectacular - thought of all you guys! Note: last night, the kids slept out...Jodi

Valerie said...

I have in-laws are visiting this week. So no whipped cream for me! Maybe next week.

Us, Val's are crazy!!!!

love ya,