Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cover Girl ABBIE Rocks!!!

Not only is Abbie a hot, thong wearing, french manicure sporting princess, she is an intelligent advocate of Cochlear Implants.
She has just had her first article published which is a conglomeration of some of her blog-posts. Read it HERE. (must see her eighth grade picture! So cute!!) Abbie's writing style has been known to attract adoring women and goggling men, such as GEO (*smile* - live for their little flirtation goin' on...will they ever meet?)because the woman tells it like it is and adds her own creative no-nonsense style. Her colorful descriptions that we can all relate to reveal a sensitive, yet head-banging powerhouse from New Jersey.

She can be seen all over the blogosphere spreading acts of kindness and words of wisdom, and is actually quite the cheerleader!
Abbie left this comment on my blog about a week ago:

Now, I have a little favor from all you "hot mom's" with deaf kids out there :) Would you could go over to Brianna's Journey, Brianna's mom created this blog because she is having her first cochlear implant surgery this coming Tuesday and she needs support, especially from moms that have been there. Would you mind popping over there and dropping a few words of wisdom? I would really totally appreciate it!

This is what Brianna's Mom wrote as a response to Abbie and all of the moms who wrote to her blog in support of her pre-operation crisis:

A note to all you wonderful people who left me support, advise and understanding, I really appreciate it. I am so grateful to you Abbie for getting everyone together when I really needed people there with me. The support was amazing. I feel so much better about this, I have had my ups and downs, and man, you guys all gave me a great "up"! I really appreciate it, I can't express how grateful I am that when I was down and really just needing someone to be there to pick me up, you all came through.

It has been one heck of a ride so far... and the exciting part is yet to come. Wish us luck tomorrow and I will report back with Brianna's amazing bravery and strength asap!

Here's Brianna post-op! are an inspiration! Congratulations on your first published article, and I am certain it is only the beginning!
BTW, live for Nirvana!!!


Laurie said...

Abbie is so sweet, isn't she??!! I'm looking forward to meeting her in person in June at the HLAA convention!

Thanks for the updates! I'm so thankful that we have technology and the Internet to connect with others in this day and time!

Anonymous said...

Ohh... moi?! Aw... *blushing* ;-)

Oh yes.. Abbie is an inspiration to us all deaf or not. She is definitely amazing person! One thing I'm still waiting from her like Valerie suggested is to give me her black wig from one of pictures! *tap on floor* Where's the wig?! He he ;-)

I can't wait to get a copy of that magazine!!


Abbie said...

Dude Jodi! LOL! You have me cracking up here! From one victoria secret no-nonsense woman to another, telling it how it is will cut through of a the bullshit in life. Thank you for everything you said, I found myself cocking my head to the side and pursing my lips into a happy awwwh of a sigh. You made my day Jodi baby.

Give me a J!
GIve me an O!
Give me a D!
Give me an I!

Eh, that doesn't even sound like me LOL! I would probably send the pompoms to Geo to use a wig. Speaking of him, Geo is probably one of the best girlfriends a girl could have! :) How many guys can you say will willingly go to the hair store with you and try on wigs? :)

Anonymous said...

*tosses a yellow penalty-marker*

Seek GEO!!

10-yard penalty!


Abbie's sexy! YES! YES!

Wow! Lots of sexy people on your blog lately, Jodi!

Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and now Abbie - who once smelled V. Fox's perfume - are great examples.




Anonymous said...

Hey Gal!

I'm waitin' for you to blog yours for the cover girl magazine, aka People Magazine for the most beautiful people! Com'n, girl!


Congratulations, girl, Abbie!

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

How about that, Dudette! Hey, this is really cool. You continue to crack me up.

I chatted with Abbie briefly for the first time over the weekend since I saw her link on your bloggers list. I believe I just lost the rest of my hearing and was looking for others with similar problem. What a perfect timing! It's comforting to know I can talk to other people like Abbie.

Thanks for sharing. I love both your writing style, an eye opener til the end and wanting more! Keep at it!

Valerie said...

Abbie is an inspiration to all of us. She was one of the first persons who I talked to about the changes associated with CIs. We have made so many changes together since I first started chatting with her in July, but her core, her heart is still the same. That heart, smile, and intelligences will take her to the moon and back.

I look for more magazine covers, articles, books and more..... The only think I really know is Abbie is more than a cochlear implant, she an amazing person with a heart of gold. I thank Abbie for allowing me to travel with her on this journey, it is not about hearing or cochlear implants, it is about accepting yourself and finding peace.

Jodi your post Rocks!!!!!!

Abbie where is that wig for Geo?


Unknown said...

GEO!!!There is some BLATANT flirting going on here and I would like it to continue *smile*. Abbie...thanks for your comment.
Paotie - still contemplating what comment to leave on your blog regarding your latest post *grrrrrrr* PS.We're all about sexy here.(Thought you'd like the DCC *wink*) are so sweet as usual and we are Abbie fans.
Laurie...I'm jealous that you'll be in Reno *smile*
White Ghost - *blushing*
Suey - thank you so much and I'm glad you found Abbie!

VBnBama said...

"My girl, My girl, don't lie to me...tell me where did you sleep last night? In the pines, In the pines, where the sun don't ever shine, I'll shiver the whole night through!"...big Nirvana fan here. Look at Abbie, she could write me directions to nearest post office and I'd read it over and over! She's very gifted.

VBnBama said...

P.S. Brianna looks very content and will be hearing in no time.
P.S.S. I know Nirvana didn't actually write that song, but they did a nice job w/their version of the old Blues song.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

I can't even count the number of girlfriends I've made thanks to you and Abbie! You guys both have connected all of us new hot moms to other hot moms, and we have had a whole lotta hotness going on here :)

Unknown said...

Val...I had NO Doubt you were a Nirvana fan! crack me up! Jodi