Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

The last two days were like having a big old blog party. Check out A Deaf Pundit's Post: For Jodi - The Gay and Deaf Worlds. White Ghost called me butch...I'm so lipstick:). Then, without passing GO, RUN to see Gage, Val's rocker on - now that is a spelling genius!

Now, I'm crashing. It could be the sore throat that's starting or the fact that Jordan's home with a sore throat on my only morning, somewhat free. He's driving me crazy because he changed my blue, normal screensaver to a white one with war tanks - he's obsessed with war computer games, plastic soldiers, etc. and makes battle noises that sound like dying crickets. Now, I can't find my documents without attaching my eyeball to the monitor. By the end of this post, I'm sure I'll get my shit back together, but for once, I'm writing and I don't really know where I'm going. There's a lot I could write, but I think I just want to talk about the color pink.

Sofia Madyson is pink, everything about her screams pink and until I had her, I couldn't even look at the color. The other day the birthday present my mom sent her two months ago arrived...a light pink boa, a princess crown and scepter and other goodies. She wrapped that pink boa around her neck and strutted her five year old self around the house jammin' to Ru Paul, yeah, my girl can work it like her mamma.

Pink is such a feminine color, such a vulnerable color. My sister and I are not the type of chicks who wear pink. We are strong, athletic, ambitious, determined and motivated women who don't wear pink. Two men have given me a pink gift in my life. What would possibly make them choose the color pink for me? What in me did they see that said, "I must get this pink gift for Jodi." They could have chosen from a variety of colors, why pink? You know a man sees your vulnerable, girly, sensitive side when he looks at the rainbow and sees you as pink. So, let this be a warning to all men reading...think twice before giving the gift of pink to a strong woman like myself, it touches places that are better left untouched.

And to all women reading this blog who LIVE FOR pink, I will bring out that aggressive side of you that your husband would like to see a little more often *smile*

I just had a chat with my Colonel friend who has been chatting for the past eleven years. He drives me crazy because he asks me a thousand questions on grammar that I never know the answer to, I am here for psychological support, not grammatical issues. Anyway, for the past eleven years I have wondered why he kept his pinky nail really long compared to the rest of his nails. I couldn't ask, because obviously I was assuming he was a cocaine addict. However, shock of all shocks, he spontaneously revealed to me the reason this morning. I swear I almost cried, I'm extra sensitive today for some reason, must be pms. He said that his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all kept their pinky nail long...a family tradition passed down from generation to generation that began during a time when the long pinky nail symbolized prosperity. During the late 1800's only a man who did not perform difficult manual labor could maintain his pinky nail long, kind of like the pasty, white skin the English so coveted as a sign of wealth and aristocracy. The Colonel has no children to carry on this tradition, God, how sad is that...

Speaking of nails, I'm having mine done in about twenty minutes. A girl must be a woman. Yesterday, I went shopping for a new lipgloss and came home with some new green eyeliner and gallllllllitttttttttttah eyeliner, now my eyes are glittery and favorite color.


Valerie said...

I'm a green and purple gal myself. Your post reminds me of one of my favorite books - "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Suess. It attaches emotions and feelings to a color.

So when I wear green, I feel twisty, wild and silly. Fire truck red means don't come near me unless you want to be yelled at!

Okay back on track, enjoy the green eyeliner. I need a day to get my hair and eyebrows done. But off to school I go....hope it is a pink day.

Unknown said...

Hi Val,
I'm wearin' purple today!!!! Have a great day at school...Jodi

VBnBama said...

I didn't like pink either until Brooklyn introduced herself. I was never a girly girl either, she's taught me how to love pink and still be strong.
P.S. She and I sat at a gas station in my car while we waited on my husband to drive 1 1/2 hrs to change my tire in the cold pouring rain ! How's that for girly girls. We made it fine but she got to skip school today.

Karen Mayes said...

Hey, hey...

I know what I am gonna say has nothing to do with this posting, but I wanna say something what I have learned about one Italian word... "ciao".

I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love which my stepmom recommended to me and I am enjoying it. I learned that "ciao" was derived the Medieval Venetian's intimate phrase "Sono il suo schiavo!" (I am copying from the book) and it means..."I am your slave!" So everytime when I see "ciao", I will have an inner chuckle, since it means she or he declares him/herself my slave ;o)