Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cleanin' House!

Oh God! I am in the middle of cleaning my hole of a house that I haven't laid a finger on in about four weeks, I have more important things to do *smile*. Crying now, though. I found out my daughter is a thief, she hides all of Jordan's toys under her bed in a little corner - drives him crazy. Working on sucking up all of the tumbleweed, even cleaned the toilets and dropped a freaking pack of razors in the toiletbowl which of course hadn't been flushed by my annoyingly lazy son. Cazzo! Luckily I had on the rubber gloves and kept right on trucking. TOYS, TOYS, TOYS everywhere, if I see it, I boot it. I am so sick of little toys in every crevice of this house! And Sofia, she has this obsession with flyers, cards, any little annoying piece of paper that can be collected and thrown around the house. I am like the vacuum cleaner, I suck up anything in my path, suck and chuck, suck and chuck. I must reach the tiled floors! I must!
I will admit that I'm having fun trying to get my life back in order. I have been jamming to the rap lineup on the iPod and have closed off all forms of communication with family members, because when I clean, get out of my face. Doesn't it figure that just when you're through scrubbing the toilets, someone has to go to the bathroom? Whoa! Hit the jackpot, found the last pack of unopened Oreos that couldn't possibly be older than five weeks, because that's when I discovered them at the SMA.(supermarket)Can't even begin to tell you the sensation of finding a box of Oreos here in Grosseto and considering I've been eating bananas, yogurt and salad with grilled chicken for the past nine weeks, finding these was beyond!
I love Scrabble, but it is kind of difficult to play Scrabble in English with an Italian Scrabble edition, letters are missing. There are no js,ks,ys, xs and that is just so wrong. The good news is that my students rocked and started using vowel teams, blends, prefixes and suffixes to build words, the bad news is that I had to allow for "shit" and "bitch" to be used...that was Perla.(Pearl) She's the one I've been teaching the longest aside from Colonel Franco the grammar stallion. I am her psychologist...poor Perla:) She is one very intelligent and alert 14 year old, who I have accompanied through all of the stages of her life and now, she has a motor scooter. Now, that is scary! Consider that she is 14, in her first year of high school and half of her class has already had sex. So much for the crucifixes hanging in the classrooms. I will admit that there is not much to do in Grosseto, but this is a huge problem here...that parents ignore. Thank God my first child is a boy and not a girl. I WILL be moving back to the States before Sofia hits high school.
Then, there is the most adorable twelve year old, Erica, who broke my son's heart...gently. She's in love with this boy in her class, a guitar player - of course- with long hair, and she had a birthday party to go to after our lesson. Soooo, we spent the last five minutes doing a power makeover...whipped out the flat iron, glitter, black eye-liner, mascara and lip-gloss! Note: half of the stuff was Sofia's - she is, after all, a princess in training! My daughter will not be allowed to wear make-up until she's twenty *smile*

Now, I will add one other thing. There is a mother in this town who is way worse than I am, I learned this yesterday with my 16 year olds. We were having some converrrrsation and I asked them to discuss the worst thing their mother has ever done to make them angry. One girl replied that her mom tried to send a guy a message as if it were from her, the message failed but was left on her cell phone accidentally. She never confronted her mom. Can you imagine the nerve of that woman??? I would NEVER do anything so behind-the-back and dishonest as respond on behalf of my child...hell,yes, I would.
Paotie...It's hot that you're learning Italian for lil' ole me, and I am not surprised you were called "maiale."
Ridor...your visit was not sexy, nor was your comment.
Gioia...if you are reading this, you did not listen to your teacher.
Paula...we seem to have some esp thing going on, now we blog at the same time about the same things...that's scary shit. never cease to amaze me!
Val...DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY...ORDER THE UNHEARD NOW.(screaming) Every single hearing parent of a deaf child should read what Josh Swiller so eloquently has to say, and I've only read about fifty pages so far. Really amazing.
Next car! *moan, groan and falllippppin' on the iPod*


Anonymous said...

Are you in the "sexy" romance in Italy?

You must have in the hot of canals. Let the canal men do the work for you. I'm jealous!

;-) I love your blog! It's fun!

White Ghost

Loudest Mom said...

Josh Swiller's blog is outstanding as well. I'm so glad you mentioned his book- I had kind of forgotten about it. Have to order it :)

Love the blog (as always)!

Karen Putz said...

Did I already lead you to this article I wrote:

I enjoyed his book-- he's got a talent for writing.

And when you move back to the states, come live by me! We can whine about our dirty houses together.