Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This One's For YOU...

You know I can't go a day without blogging, especially since Valentine's Day is only a couple of hours away...I'm feeling motivated by loooooovvvvvveeeee:) Who knows what this V-Day will bring? For some it will be D-Day.
Love. What a crazy, surreal concept. There are so many different kinds of love: a mother's unconditional love for her child often compared to a man's love for his dog; empathetic love for your friends; grateful love for people who have helped you in your life; fleeting love for the guy who lets you in the slam-packed lane on the beltway; unexpected love for the person who sends you a letter that rocks your world and changes your life; undying love for the postman who does NOT drop off a bill in your mailbox.
To love, your heart needs to be functioning and giving, because true love is about giving and not taking. Love inspires creativity and self-expression. Suddenly, when it rains- provoking the dreaded bad-hair day- you just do not even give a shit. You glide through the day and when someone gives you the finger, you smile and say, "Thank you."
To love is one of the greatest risks in life, because you allow someone else to have access to your soul. Some people are born lovers, while others are either born closed or suffer to such a great degree that they no longer trust others enough to let themselves love. These are the saddest people because they screw their way through life without ever feeling, truly feeling. Yes, sex is exciting, invigorating, but sex without heart is empty...and these people too afraid to risk, end up alone. It's easy to be alone. You have no one to tell you where to be at what time and when and how to do your thing and live your life.
Speaking of creativity, I will never forget one of the most romantic gestures a guy has ever done for me...I was dating this guy, and he was just not idolizing me to the degree I deserved, so I ended it. The next morning I woke up to go to work, and as I left my house, I noticed a trail of rose petals leading from the door. I followed the rose petals to my car, where there were thousands of them covering my car. To see your car covered in rose petals is quite an emotional experience. On the hood of my car there was a letter that said, "Please forgive me, let's get back together!" (He wanted my body.)
I called him and told him that was the most romantic gesture a guy had ever done for me (or anyone I remotely knew), but it was...too little, too late. Ba-Bye. Told y'all I was a bitch.
The moral of this little blog is that no matter how hard one person tries, she can't make the other person love her back if the love just isn't there. And sometimes, even if the love is there, she still can't make him love her.
So, to all of the lovers who will find their Valentine's Days filled with pink boas, chocolate hearts, stuffed animals and passionate sex...appreciate-truly appreciate that love and feeling
there will be just as many people suffering this Valentine's Day, deluded and disappointed, but...still in love.

Note: Tomorrow's blog will be about Romeo-Jordan's big Valentine's Day.


Jennifer said...

Jodi...I'm not celebrating it here. I plan to work my way through the day and then go home, kiss my kids, and go to bed as peacefully as I can get away with it. I think that V-Day is a great one for lovers...but for the rest of us, it's a little bit overrated :)
And I get to work in the floral section of this huge department store, and hear all the love stories. Argh....

Valerie said...

So beautifully written - your next career should be writing greeting cards. :)

After the year I have had with my true love(hubby), we are just so thankful that true love wins out. True love takes work, work to not forget each other. The most important quality of love is when that person looks at you and sees your heart, not your faults or inability.

Have a wonderful day, I get to spend it with a fantastic group of insane 5th graders. Then home for J's dance and dinner out with family.


Anonymous said...

Every holiday is overrated, I agree!

But, for me, Valentines Day is a big thing because I gave birth to a valentine baby 26 years ago! :)
Definitely the best gift I ever got.

Happy Valentines Day to ya all!


Loudest Mom said...

Love for me will be my husband busting his tail to get home tonight to help transport kids to various activities so I'm not doing it solo! My how my expectations have changed :) And, maybe a kiss from my little boys, and the girls not talking back today.

Happy Valentines Day!

Abbie said...

I'm not celebrating it either but I loved this post! I agree with Tales, you should hook up with Hallmark! I know they don't know Happy CI cards anywhere... lol

Happy Valentines day!

Kim said...

Forget romance. . . Love is when your husband of 28 years washes your filthy hair and your scarred and bruised body all the while telling you how beautiful he thinks you are-- and you can see in his eyes he means every word of it-- and you know you look like shit so he must be insane. Then he goes back to sitting by your hospital bed and waiting like he has been for days for you to get better. I couldn't care less about cards or flowers. My husband adores me.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Ah, Valentine's Day. It used to mean Champagne and reservations at a swanky restaurant. Now it's take-out and watching LOST on ABC. I need to get my mojo back....