Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey - Have You Noticed that Paula is MIA? has just suffered a MAJOR loss. Behind every powerful female blogger is a WOMAN. If you are a successful are a BITCH. If a woman accuses was her fault for wearing a thong.


I know that Paula had thought that was a safe place to exchange ideas, provide resources and interact in productive dialogue. She is a DEAF powerhouse of information, innovation and inspiration:

Paula founded HearingExchange as an online community for people with hearing loss and their families in September 2000. Its comprehensive message boards provide an open forum for the discussion of ideas and information on hearing loss and related issues. In 2007 the HearingExchange site undewent a re-design and now includes a blog. The HearingExchange blog discusses current news, offers free articles, and numerous resources for people who have hearing loss as well as those who care for them or offer services to assist them. All communication methods and choices should be respected within all areas of HearingExchange. Choices of communication mode and the decision-making related to cochlear implant surgery are not permissible debates. HearingExchange reserves the right to edit or omit inflammatory or derogative posts or comments that are not respectful of the choices of others.

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Project readOn - Making Captioned Online Videos a Reality for People with Hearing Loss

*You can kiss that girl...goodbye*

Hmmmm. Now that Jamie Berke has just undergone Cochlear Implant Surgery, who knows how readers will react?

Personally, I have a thing for women with balls.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the issue is. Paula blogged a few days ago. It's the weekend. She might be taking a break. Yes, the threat she received was unfortunate, but her reaction appeared to be that nothing was going to stop her from sharing her thoughts and perspective. Did she say something to you privately or are you assuming something here? Please help us understand. Thanks.

SweetMind said...

THANK YOU for saying it about PAULA's compulsive lying about me.. SHE REMOVED my last comment to cover up her bun.. I NEVER JOIN the membership of HearingExchange. NOW i believe many other deaf and hearing with positive attitude were right about Hearing Exchange.

OF COURSE she is fifthy rich and ripped us off all those years. She live a very comfortable rich home and laughed at us all along.

NOW you can see why I stood up and confronted MIKE McConnell and PAULA . THEY removed my innocent comments that they dont want you to know the truth.

JEEZ Thats why Deaf people do not have their freedom of speech and respect from anyone who hate our strongly belief in our Deaf rights for those d/Deaf children.


Anonymous said...

Well, we have a bitch weekend!

I do not think Paula is MIA. Perhaps, she *HAS* to work with the po-lice business to capture the cyber-predator.

As for Jaime, good for her. I knew her since the Gallaudet ole' days.

However, women *ALWAYS* wins. ;-)

Women Power......

White Ghost

Unknown said...

Observer...Paula requested to be removed from And her request was immediately granted, no questions asked. Jodi

Unknown said...

Diane (Sweetmind),
I posted your comment so that people could understand what it means to be constantly harrassed, and I don't make a habit of not posting readers' views, whether I agree or disagree. Jodi

Valerie said...

I did notice and thank goodness I have her site bookmark. Your right it is a bitch. Deafread has also not posted my last blog, I guess my little blog about "nice" things is not good enough for deafread. I will continue to write for me!

Thank for keeping us on our toes and Paula - We are still here and we hear you!

Unknown said...

I saw that on Extra and clicked it, hopefully others will do the's important to read about the nice things every now and then...Jodi

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that somone accused the Deaf Pundit (DP) in Mike McConnell's (Kokonut Pundits) blogsite yesterday.

DP already obtained the predator's IP address per the Deaf Edge's blogsite and is planning to consult with an attorney.

So, Paula is not the only one who faced the threats.

I hope Paula is learning about the accusation where DP is facing right now. I also hope that Paula and DP can keep in touch each other to discuss the sitiuation.

White Ghost

Anonymous said...


You're not alone.

I posted a CI related entry yesterday, and it was dumped into the extras! There is already 11 votes, and it still has not been moved! What is the problem with this entry?????? This entry has a video clip of a group of CI users talking about why they're happy with their CIs, and I even mentioned that I WILL post a transcript when I have it done! GEEEZ!

Also, I wrote the other day about my winning an Editorial Award, and I STILL mentioned about deafness in the post! It seems that they do not want happy CI stories...

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Just because I'm gone from DeafRead doesn't mean I'm gone from the blogosphere. HearingExchange has been online since 2000, a lot longer than DeafRead. :)

My blog updates are available by email so just enter your email address in that area on the right sidebar of my site and you'll get the newest posts in your inbox once a day. (Mine usually arrive around 10pm Eastern.)

SweetMind aka Diane... I've always reserved the right to remove offensive posts at my site. Hearingexchange is a family community where we all agree to respect one another and our choices. No one has to "join" HearingExchange unless they register for the message boards.

White Ghost, thanks for your support. The police are investigating, I have nothing to do with it. It is what it is.

Valerie, please do keep reading, I read yours as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer women with ovaries. Big ones. :-)

Karen Mayes said...

Hi, I had no idea that Paula withdrew from DeafRead, but then I don't blame her, from considering the kind of comments she got. I did notice that since DeafRead conference, the human editors are quietly making a stand, deciding which blog/vlog should go to front page and which should stay in Extra, and it seems to me that CI is no longer considered as "deaf-centric". I could be wrong though. Speaking of bias/neutrality *shrug*

Diane aka Sweetmind... she was banned from also banned from Mike McConnell's blog. I don't need to say anymore.

Anyway, I have Paula's link listed in the list of my bookmarks on my browser, same as Jodi's :o)

Anonymous said...

Just a start, of something BIG.....

Actually, I'm really, really ashamed of my people!

"shakes head*

Paula, I'll be visiting your blog.

VBnBama said...

I think I was finally removed from Deafread too as I had requested. I have lots of bookmarks w/my fav's listed so every week I try to check them all out. Jodi it's obvious you love women w/balls and from what I can tell, you have a nice pair yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification. I'm sorry Paula felt the need to leave DeafRead, but it was her choice to do so. Deaf Pundit is staying put, which is her choice. DeafRead didn't boot Paula off, so I really don't think you, nor anyone else, should blame DeafRead for that. They aren't responsible for the e-mail that Paula received. I'd like to suggest that people reserve their fury for the person who sent that e-mail, not at innocent human editors who have nothing to do with it. Paula chose to leave.

Rachel, I'd like to refer you to DeafRead's guidelines (the link can be found in the sidebar). You come from a hearing center, where listening and speaking is better than signing. I'm not criticizing you, just stating the obvious. Your posts are hearing-centered and belong on the Extras page. DeafRead could ban your blog, but they aren't. They're allowing your posts to go through. They're showing more respect for you than you are for the published guidelines.

Karen, Deaf-centered and Deaf-centric are not the same thing. moi's blog entry today has a good explanation of what Deaf-centered means. Check it out.

GalaxyAngelz said...

I smell prey is watching you...

Watch your back.. advice you!
Keep eye open!


Karen Mayes said...

O, I know what they mean. I am more for deaf-centric than your definition of deaf-centered. People view ASL people as deaf-centered... I don't agree with this philosophy. CI are also deaf-centered... I think you are thinking more as "ASL-centered".

And we'd have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.


Unknown said...

Galaxy "Angel".
Are you psychic or something?? Jodi

Abbie said...

That is such a shame that Paula left but I can understand for her own personal safety for her and her family why she chose to remove herself. I will miss her popping up in DeafRead but I still have her on my Google Reader.

and Jodi let me apologize for what I'm about to say on your blog but I have to say it.

Diane or Sweetmind,

I have been reading your comments every since you were banned from for the second time and you actually sit there and wonder why people don't take you SERIOUSLY?! Would you take someone coming up to you screaming that the world is going to end tomorrow seriously? I am willing that your answer would be NO, you would not because of the way they approached you. Your approach is very similar.

Coupled with your less then perfect approach, you come across and automatically ASSUME that EVERY single person on this planet is an AUDIST or hates deaf people or wants to ruin deaf babies with getting them implanted or wants to take away your deaf right or what ever else is on your agenda. But guess what?! People like Mike and Paula for example that you made those so-called "innocent" comments are the same ones that are FIGHTING for our deaf rights! This isn’t a hobby to them, they aren’t doing this strictly for their benefit, they are doing this to benefit the 30 million people with a hearing loss.

I don't know what happened to you to get to this point where you feel the need insult people that you have never met for living their lives but maybe you should consider your technique. In my opinion, I feel that you are absolutely SO consumed with deafness that the mere the fact that people want to improve their quality of life by hearing you resent. There is a good and bad to everything and it seems you find the bad in everyone, and that is a shame.

Valerie said...

Are the cyberbullies coming out now?


Anonymous said...

Karen, "-centric" is often considered a pejorative term, much like "Euro-centric" is used by other minority groups to criticize whites. I suspect you're using "deaf-centric" much the same way based on the comments you've left here and elsewhere using that term. They all come across as negative. Deaf-centered is a more neutral/descriptive term without negative conotations.

Just wanted to point that out. Otherwise, sure, we can agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Karen Mayes, I agree with your point and your perspective. To me, deaf-centered content would include a very wide range of topics, with one common thread -- they reflect aspects of life in general from a deaf perspective and sometimes issues pertaining to the deaf from various perspectives. So that would include those who are deaf with a CI, just as it includes deaf with a hearing aid or deaf with a vlog or any other means of communicating.

ASL-centered content is a whole different ballgame (staying with the rally caps theme), and if the aggregator were, I'd understand why content from those CI deaf who don't use the language, SEE and cued language users, oral deaf, etc. might be off-topic there.

So, I respect Val's and Paula's decision to withdraw from the deafread forum because of the overt and continuing hostility with which they are being bombarded, but I think it's a really unfortunate loss for the deaf community -- of which they are a vibrant part! -- that their perspective is lost on deafread, where it's sorely needed. I hope they reconsider once some of those who are cranky and close-minded settle down and understand that their particular approach is not some holy and pure approach to being Deaf that all must follow, and that how we choose live our lives is all very personal.

Karen Mayes said...

O, that is your perspective of me as a negative commenter... others view me as a positive commenter. Each to his/her perspective. You could learn to view opinions as neither wrong nor wrong, but just one's own philosophy. You call me negative, well, you judge me... same as I judge the meaning of deaf-centric, deaf-center, whatever.

I am flattered that you took me seriously enough to comment to me.


Anonymous said...

Abbie, that was very well said! :)

Karen and Candy, I'm glad you'll still be visiting HearingExchange. I'll be listing a few of my favorite blogs tonight or tomorrow for my next post.

Jodi, you're the best and I cherish our friendship. Now get on IM already! LOL

Anonymous said...

A few quick comments:

1.) It is a shame that Paula decided to leave DR. It was her decision however.

2.) If your posts are ending up in extra, please review the DR guidelines. It has nothing to do with the human editors disliking CI posts. It has to do with the post not meeting the guidelines. If you see a conflict where you did not violate the guidelines and the post is still in Extra, E-mail us for an explanation.

3.) We have something in the works and hope to announce it shortly. Sit tight everyone...

4.) I will not be commenting further here, any questions just E-mail me using the DR "contact us" page.

Anonymous said...

Karen, whoa. I never called YOU negative. I said that your USE of the term "deaf-centric appeared negative.

I also never called you or your opinions "wrong."

Now I feel like you're judging me, where I did not judge you as a person at all before.

Let's chill and agree to disagree. This is going nowhere.

Karen Mayes said...

O, no problem. I am all for building bridges...would be nice to see unconditional acceptance (so far it seems the acceptance should be conditional, which creates conflicts.) I notice that in real life, acceptance is easier than on on the DeafRead.

Anonymous said...

Karen, that's what I'm thinking too. DR professes to be "neutral" yet they've already been commenting everywhere online that changes are brewing and to sit tight to see what they're going to do. According to online reports of people in attendance it sounds like many were vocal about their dislike of the oral and CI folks who have entered into the DR blog aggregator recently.

I find it funny how some commentors here find it important to say that it was MY choice to leave DR. If so many of the blogs in it hadn't been so hostile towards CIs and oral deaf people and filled with so much negativity, I would not have left.

From their publishing guidelines:

"Blogs are based on the concept that people can write openly and freely about their thoughts and opinions. A DeafRead visitor should be able to see the varying perspectives Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have on deaf-related issues, highlighting each individual's uniqueness."

I didn't see too much of that during the many months I was a participant in DeafRead's aggregator. Since folks can't seem to agree to disagree no progress will be made on uniting communities. Perhaps more of the moderates in the deaf community need to start blogging (commentors like Karen Mayes and others) so that there is more balance in DeafRead. The way it stands now, the scales have tipped measurably the other way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

I signed up to gain access to your future articles. I am a member of the Deaf community and am disappointed to see that certain members of this community do not want any part of your blog or other blogs related to CI. We all have a lot to learn when its come to respecting other people decisions or opinions involving deaf related issues such communications methods, hearing devices etc etc. I have learned a lot since reading your blog and looking forward to reading more of your articles.

Keep up the good work!!!
Steven A. Mutti

Anonymous said...

Since I started commenting on DeafRead a few months ago, I first noted how ASL-centric or Deaf-centric the blog aggregator was. However, more and more deaf people with moderate views have been weighing in either their own blogs or comments in other blogs.

There are a few individuals who hold extreme views and tend to be most vocal and critical of other deaf who think differently. The squeakiest wheel tends to get the most attention unfortunately.

It is my hope that DeafRead practices a fair policy to treat all deaf, including those who are members of Deaf culture, equally. We can all learn from other deaf perspectives, even though I may not relate to the CI experience, for example. Tolerance and acceptance of others are rather new concepts for the d/Deaf who suffer intolerance and rejection by the hearing world on a daily basis.

It is one thing to talk tolerance and acceptance of different deaf perspectives, another to actually practice what one preaches among ourselves. Online blogging for the deaf is relatively new, and it's so easy to malign others behind the mask of anonymity even when there is a blogging policy or etiquette in place. Online blogging magnifies the extremes, when in real life, as Karen Mayes noted, people are really not like that in person-to-person interaction. Online we're looking at either someone's words in text or sign, it's that one more remove from actual person-to-person chat.

OTOH DeafRead can touch so many lives by bringing together in one place so many different deaf people. None of us are cookie-cutter made, each of us have had a unique deaf experience, but we all have that one commonality, deafness. That is where we all need to begin in order to practice what we preach.

Unknown said...

Ann C...that-was-beautiful! I kiss-smack you, really amazing comment, *smile* Jodi