Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can't We Make Love?...Nope!...Let Us Take a Moment to REFLECT!

*Read at your own risk*
God, what a great morning. My morning was so beyond relaxing: I had three pre-school classes and out of 90 monsters, about sixty were absent with the chicken pox and flu...poor pediatricians of Grosseto:) I honestly can not remember one thing that I sang, I know I danced, and I somehow managed to make it home in one piece...

Pre-pre-school, I read Paula's blog that called me a sexual blogger, so I'm freaking getting sick of this deep analysis shit, and I am so feeling the need to break out with some sen-su-a-li-ty. Wahoo...maximum stimulation...another blog by Paotie, that I was just begging for (although I find blondes highly overrated)...and Aidan with her intense blog has me considering joining my sister in her lifestyle. However, Aidan's analysis, ain't working for me, especially because I can't stand Italian cinema - just Roberto Benigni.

*Perhaps I'm not deep enough to understand Italian humor - but women shaking a lot of t and a and looking stupid just is not funny, and they certainly have a difficult time "getting" me*

One fundamental problem with Italian culture is that it lives way too much in the country's rich past. Look at the Elementary School curriculum! Where is the focus on science? Non-existent. In five years of Elementary School, Jordan performed one experiment using the Scientific Method, pathetic. Actually, Jordan's cochlear implant experience may have been the most technological learning moment of his five years. History, history, let's study our agricultural territory and concentrate on nutrition...yes, Italy is breathtakingly beautiful with artists, painters and musicians. This lack of concentration on Science has had a direct effect on research and technological innovation leading to the infamous New York Times article "Italy Sings an Aria of Disappointment" of a month ago - see post. Why don't we take the Italian experience and use it as an analogy for why it is time to acknowledge how technology must be integrated and accepted by the Deaf Community? Time to move forward...this does not mean forsaking our past, it means learning from it and evolving.

Just when I was getting hot and heavy, deafread.com editors decide they are taking a moment to reflect on how to organize deafread.com...another common Italian thing -"Il famoso periodo di riflessione" So, now I have become foreplay...waiting, waiting, waiting. Limboland is just so not the place for a full-blown Scorpio like myself. I need action and decisive moves...balls.

Ann C left this comment that rocked my world:
Ann_C said...
Since I started commenting on DeafRead a few months ago, I first noted how ASL-centric or Deaf-centric the blog aggregator was. However, more and more deaf people with moderate views have been weighing in either their own blogs or comments in other blogs.
There are a few individuals who hold extreme views and tend to be most vocal and critical of other deaf who think differently. The squeakiest wheel tends to get the most attention unfortunately.
It is my hope that DeafRead practices a fair policy to treat all deaf, including those who are members of Deaf culture, equally. We can all learn from other deaf perspectives, even though I may not relate to the CI experience, for example. Tolerance and acceptance of others are rather new concepts for the d/Deaf who suffer intolerance and rejection by the hearing world on a daily basis.
It is one thing to talk tolerance and acceptance of different deaf perspectives, another to actually practice what one preaches among ourselves. Online blogging for the deaf is relatively new, and it's so easy to malign others behind the mask of anonymity even when there is a blogging policy or etiquette in place. Online blogging magnifies the extremes, when in real life, as Karen Mayes noted, people are really not like that in person-to-person interaction. Online we're looking at either someone's words in text or sign, it's that one more remove from actual person-to-person chat.
OTOH DeafRead can touch so many lives by bringing together in one place so many different deaf people. None of us are cookie-cutter made, each of us have had a unique deaf experience, but we all have that one commonality, deafness. That is where we all need to begin in order to practice what we preach.

Commenters' voices add diversity to this whole deafread.com experience, and they are asking for equal opportunity blogging to enrich the dialogue. Sidenote: Brian and Karen Mayes are THE hottest couple of commenters on deafread.com *wink*

Soooooo, deafread.com editors...Pucker Up -
You know you want to kiss me...
and I know how to use my tongue(s).


Karen Mayes said...

*Laughing* Thanks for the compliment... I think.

Wow, your latest posting was SENSUAL! It is obvious DeafRead needs some lessons in foreplay... taking turns in foreplay, huh?? With Valentine's Day coming up, we could use some chocolately kisses, wrapped in pink foil...;o)

Waiting for the climax....

Karen Mayes said...

And that is a wonderful tribute to the DeafRead's commentors :o)

Unknown said...

Hey Karen,
I LOVE the conversational hearts!!! I had a lot of fun with those at the bars in my earlier days. No conversational hearts in Italy...maybe it's better that way:)
btw: you have me rotfl *smile* Jodi

Unknown said...

...just giving credit where credit is due...Jodi

Anonymous said...

That's nice compliment.

It's only a valentine day tomorrow.

Italy is the best romance in the world.

Go to the Venice Canals and let the canal men to do the work.

Go get the champagne and a box of strawberries and a dip-bowl of chocolate.

Lick the strawberry with chocolate for me, okie dokie? ;-)

White Ghost

VBnBama said...

I'm not sure I'm old enough to be reading this...but as long I don't caught, huh?
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Golly molly! Wasn't expecting one of my comments to end up as material for a blog article, but thanks for the Valentine gift.

Hope DR reciprocates with "fair play". That's be the nicest Valentine's Day gift to us readers. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, it's all my fault! LOL Can't believe this post didn't wind up on the DR Extras page... ;) Sending you kisses across the ocean!

Karen Putz said...

Make love not blog war! It has a nice ring to it. :)

Unknown said...

I was kind of shocked myself that it didn't get sent directly to Extra - maybe the editors really do want to kiss me??
Ann C, you are so cute.
Val, did I make you blush?
White Ghost, you so get me.
Karen, with all of your kids...and passion, I know you are very into making love...rotfl. Jodi

Abbie said...

Whew, its getting hot in here!! :)