Saturday, February 9, 2008

AGBAD VS. GONAD...GROW UP...For the Kids!

Hmmmmm. AgBAD

Hmmmmm. GONAD

*shrugging, licking lips and kicking thrown stones to the curb*

It's not about slinging's about this (Christian and Christina):
"Check out the video I took of him in the pit, saying AND signing BALL!"

And this...(Gage teaching Brook)

And this...(Drew!)

And this...

It's NOT about this:


The NAD letter impressed me, and I sincerely hope that NAD and AgBell take it to the table to create a productive dialogue for our kids.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Totally with you.

(but the gonad thing WAS kinda funny, you have to give it that :) )

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry - that one from Grendel (my furry one) was supposed to have been signed off by me, but was sent prematurely before I could choose my identity by my not so furry toddler, who loves to pound on my poor keyboard when she really should be reading the monitor).

But maybe I can use her as an excuse for having a 2YO's sense of potty humor sometimes ...

Unknown said...

Oh anonymous...A++ for creativity:) Jodi

Kim said...

Yep! :-) I especially enjoyed the video of Heather. I blogged about them awhile back. Have you see Sound and Fury? I saw the first DVD-- didn't know there was a second, or that she had been implanted. What a surprise!!
:-) I've been at the other end of this for so long-- watching friends lose their hearing, then finally getting implants. It's nothing short of a miracle for them. When you're late-deafened, to take up another life, another culture is out of the question. It's wonderful to see what CI's can do for children. I still feel everyone --all d/Deaf-- benefit from knowing sign, but that's my own personal belief.

Valerie said...

I am speechless! Not only did the videos bring tears, it also brought back everything to reality. We adults have to find a way to work together for the children. It does not matter the choices of the parent, what matters is the support that families are given by all people in the Deaf/Hearing Community.

Thank you Jodi for your awesome words. Valerie

Karen Putz said...

Back to the sandbox, everyone-- play nice!

I'm off to my bookclub meeting where there will be pizza, chocolate and lots of yakking. The oldest is going to the Turnabout dance tonight. So you all with little ones--hang on tight to them! They grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a mother to a profound deaf child who just recently (02/05/08) was implanted. I waited and fought for her first 15 long months to finally have my insurance company approve one Cochlear Implant! My insurance company responded that the "CI is NOT necessary...she is deaf, she can learn to sign!" That is not an answer you give a Mom who is determined for her child's well being! I thought I was going to jump through the phone that day! It only gave me more momentum to fight! I don't settle for less, I only fight for what is right!
The surgery went great and she came home on Wednesday, just to be re-admitted on Friday morning due to a bacterial infection. She hopefully will be discharged on Monday! She will be 16 months on the 11th and I'm ready to start the fight all over again for her second! I'm optimistic in thinking that one will be successful but ready to take the long haul if not. She is amazing just like yours and the other children you have on your blog! She has a few more challenges besides being deaf, and has been in wearing hearing aids since she was one month old. She has been going to Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy since she has been two months old...your blogs are extremely interesting and informative. I love to hear from people (Moms) like you that see how important it is for our little ones to have every opportunity and successes as all others. I never second guessed the CI and hope that it is as successful for yours as it will be for mine! I now can't wait for her activation date! If you get the chance to contact me...e-mail me at

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Thanks Jodi for trying to put the FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS HERE!