Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Gay Vis-a-Vis Deaf Stuff - My Mom Just Checked In:)

Note: At all Gay Prides I ever attended, my mom was right next to me tattooing breasts and hairy legs...I will also add that she came to The Hippo with some shiny red plaid hot pants and rocked! (We are so not a normal family)

I forgot how to get into your blog. Can't remember my password, don't know how to start over. How did I create two such diversified, talented, smart, and beautiful daughters? Reading your blogs about being gay and deaf was a proud experience for your mother not to mention touching. Modern technology certainly closes the distance gap between Italy, Chicago and Baltimore. Being Italian, deaf, gay what does any of it matter? My daughter Niki was afraid of my reaction to her dykeness. She was scared to tell me. What does that tell you? I will love my daughters no matter what they are, or what they do. Who am I to tell them how to live their lives?(that's pretty damn funny coming from their neurotic mother who has always tried to tell them everything.)

I must say my daughters have helped me to grow up with them. The never ending learning process. It's not always easy because they are both so different than I am in many ways. But they are both so much stronger than I ever was. I respect them so much for the women they have become. Not being afraid to live out what they believe in no matter what other people say or think. Having strong conviction in what they do. All you commenters need to learn the words unconditional love. Stop trying to live everybody else's lives for them. You don't have to always agree with what other people do. Who says you are right about everything? Try being open- minded to new ideas.

I'm still trying. Not always easy to keep my mouth shut, still don't. I went off on a tangent, just wanted my daughters to know how much I love both of them and how proud I am of myself for having a part in the making of two such incredible pieces of matter who matter so much. Jodi and Niki I love both of you so much and miss both of you so much and think of both of you so much. Keep doing what you both do best, being yourselves.

Your still growing, still trying, sometimes still annoying Mommy

Mom, you are beautiful. I was really surprised to find this email about five seconds ago and I love you. No, we have not always seen eye to eye on how we have decided to raise Jordan, but your interfering has always been with the best of intentions. I know that it is not easy for you to not be a part of Jordan and Sofia's lives every single minute they grow. The distance thing sucks and don't think I don't feel guilty about all of it. But, the short time we spend together is always quality time filled with swimming, shows, walks, shopping, screaming, sharing and Chuck E. Cheese:) And you have given me some valuable advice like to hug Jordan more and to remain as calm as possible because he reacts based on my moods.
You and Eddie are the BEST grandparents in the world, thank you for accepting our situation oceans away and for knowing the true meaning of unconditional love.

PS. Val, if you hadn't insisted I started blogging, none of this would have happened, so thank you so much.


mishkazena said...

Awww :)

Karen Mayes said...

Lovely! Your mother sounds like you and your sister, outspoken, caring, searching. ;o)

Being a mother is awesome... as I observe my 7-year-old daughter doing the cartwheels across the living room, her bright blue eyes flashing angrily when she disagrees with me, her tight hugs as she proclaims I am the best mother in the whole world (only when she is in loving mood), etc.

I am looking forward to the day when she becomes a strong, exciting, brave woman in the future.

Anonymous said...

"Gay vs. Deaf" isn't right. You should say "Gay vis-a-vis Deaf".

If you say "vs." it sounds like a conflict between the two groups, but that's not what you meant.

Anonymous said...

lol had your music blaring on and I had this leather hat from a wedding which a DJ passed around different YMCA hats for the dance which happened to be next to my daughter grabbed it and started to do the YMCA dance! Definitely a classic song that will last for eons!


A Deaf Pundit said...

:) You guys are an awesome family!

IamMine said...

Your dad's name is Eddie??

He wouldn't be related to...

I'm keeding! ;)

I love this family! :)

I've got four kids with different personalities and interests so just gets more and more interesting as they get older on how they see and think!

(deleted the rest of my comment due to rambling)


This family rocks!!!

"I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me

Youtube: Guaranteed

Abbie said...

I can see where you get your talent from!!

I just realized the "In the Club" song up top :) Thank you bellisama :)

Abbie said...

I'm going to have to light a fire under my precious mother becahse she hasn't written a darn thing on my blog LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) you should look at that emo boy style over this blog: