Thursday, February 7, 2008

NO TOLERANCE...Why Boycott?

First of all, I'm annoyed because Sofia spilled a large bottle of water on my copy of Josh Swiller's THE UNHEARD and it's been sitting on the radiator drying, so I haven't had a chance to continue reading...
Pa-oh-tie...I'm feeling oddly flirty today (also because the commenters are begging me to bring it on and I just bought a short skirt at the market!) despite the fact that your post was entitled, "Paotie to Pepsi *BURP*" "burp" is just NOT a sexy word. Although,
did seem to be highly appropriate for what went down yesterday.
And I must tell you...McConnell is wiping you off the floor with some hot vlogs and get off the snowboard and get down to business. This song, a direct reflection of who I am -at least for for you...and White Ghost!

*moving onward*

I think I may have to rename the blog "The SlackinPenguin Show:)"
Gotta give credit where credit is due...

SlackinPenguin said...
You know Jodi, I found DeafRead only very recently and I thought that I had found THE PLACE for deaf folks to get together online and have some real discussions and make some real progress forward. I thought, "wow, this is freakin' awesome!"

Over the last week or two that I've been here, I've seen nothing (save a few, including you) but a nasty mob mentality...folks out for blood apparently culminating in threats of bodily harm? I've seen nothing but the same immaturity that I saw when I attended a deaf residential school.

What a shame! DeafRead could have been so much better. It could have been a place of intelligent discourse, a place where bright minds could meet to chat, share stories, share ideas about a better future for the deaf world....

...if only deaf people would grow up!

Audism? Racism? Hate of any kind? You ain't seen nothing 'til you've been to DeafRead.

I mean, a blogger throws out something and then suddenly it's "yeah, yeah...I hate...I too...I agree...I hate...I hate".


They don't even realize what fools they're making of themselves and they don't realize how hard their supposed "enemies" are laughing at them. They're also not realizing how much they're contributing to their cause. Take AGB, for instance, a hearing couple goes to them and says "we have a deaf child, what do we do? Should we teach him sign language and get him involved with the deaf community?" All AGB has to do is point at the deaf community who are screaming bloody murder all the time and say, "not unless you want your child to be like that...that's deaf culture for you".

All the best to you, Jodi, and your fellow bloggers who do try to make this a great place. May your positive influence eventually drown out all the negativity around here.


I must have nice radar because I haven't seen the "out for blood" mentality, just a bunch of frustrated, pissed off radicals conglomerating in a couple of blogs.
Sending a fistsmack to Geo, Mishka, a Deaf Pundit and Jay for their support of Paula despite differing views, as well as all of the other commenters and bloggers.

However, the boycott AgBell thing is a little over my head. Writing letters like Aidan and others have done is more effective in raising the collective voice. Li-Li's Mom sent a letter protesting AgBell's letter to Pepsi...I am certain that AgBell got the message of discontent amidst the parents who incorporate ASL in their journey.

*BTW, meet LI-LI!!!!

Li-Li's mom Says:
February 6, 2008 at 3:01 pm
Hi DP — yes, you ARE making change for the better!!

I’m a member of both NAD and AGBell, and I wrote a strongly worded letter back to AGBell in response to the email I had received from them that encouraged its membership to write Pepsi and object to the ad. I explained my wholehearted support of the ad, and outlined why I felt that AGBell’s negative campaign violated their role as an agent of deaf advocacy and misrepresented a significant cohort of their membership.

I’ve not yet resigned, because I’m hoping that I can effect more change from within than from outside the organization, but I was astounded by how they approached this situation, furious at their objection to the ad, and am now looking at them very differently.

I’ve only gotten the following email response to my letter as of today, but look forward to seeing a summary of the feedback they’ve gotten in their next issue. Now might be a good time for those who haven’t yet written them directly to do so.

“Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments regarding AG Bell’s communication to the Pepsi Corporation about its recent Super Bowl commercial, “Bob’s House.” All comments received are appreciated as AG Bell encourages an open dialogue and the sharing of different perspectives on issues facing the deaf community.

Please look for a summary of feedback and comments in the next issue of AG Bell’s electronic newsletter, AG Bell Update.”

I am a big fan of "catching more flies with honey."
Oops...gotta go get my nails done...*just in case I need to pull out my claws*


Anonymous said...

Awww....I love Meredith Brooks' song, I am lover, I am bitch.

It's purrr-fect taste!

Then, I'll be very proud being a snitch bitch! ;-)

Gotta Love It!

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi!
Another Marylander here! I have to agree to some extent with Li-Li's mother. Groups like DBC are doing themselves more harm than good by bashing groups like AGBell while trying to promote their cause. It gives them little credibility, and makes them look ... umm... petty and foolish. I am a member of both NAD and AGBell, and do I like what both of them do all of the time? No. I'm sure there are folks at AGBell who are kicking themselves for what I think was a not-very-well thought out letter to Pepsi. They should have just let it go...
The relationship between AGBell, NTID, and Gallaudet is an important one. Those little deaf kids grow up to be big deaf kids, and some of them might even want to go to Gallaudet or NTID someday. It is in both Gallaudet's and NTID's best interest to keep exposing oral deaf people to the Deaf community. If Gallaudet is to survive, they need to be thinking about how they will accommodate students who are deaf, but can hear with implants. They are trying to do that now, but it's still in discussion behind closed doors, if you know what I mean.
I don't mean to blab on endlessly, but ... well... I guess I am!
I love your blog! (But I sure wish there was an easier way of turning the music off!) Is it possible to make the music oFF as the default, and if someone wanted to hear it, then they could turn it on? For example, on today's blog, I just couldn't get the darn music to stop, and it was playing on top of Li-Li. Not fun!
I think you rock!

OCDAC said...

What I see going on is a classic example of 'predation compounding' the mass slamming of different companies thats seen supporting a particular cause. There's another term for this too it's called

Anonymous said...

I found the vlog with you and your son being interview about your book called "Rally Caps".

and about your book,

I thought, it would be interesting to share with the readers.


Anonymous said...

Found your interview with your son about the book you wrote.

I thought, it would be interesting to share with the readers.


mishkazena said...

Because AGBell Association refuses to change its ways. The sponsors need to be educated that AGBell Association is deliberately using misconceptions as scare tactics and also to smear on Deaf people and ASL.

Would you sponsor an organization that promotes bigotry and oppression of a specific group of Deaf people? I am not against oralism, but I will not spend my money on company that contributes financially to an organization spreading derogatory and false statements against Deaf people. I grew up under the umbrella of AGBell Association and was taught to condemn Deaf people because they used ASL.

In other words, would you patronize a company that funds an organization who is prejudiced against African Americans? If not, why is it permissible for a hearing organization serving the deaf to discriminate Deaf people using sign language?

Unknown said...

Hi Marylander,
Did you click on the stop button to turn off the music? It should pause it...sorry about that! I agree with your comment, just as I agree with Li-Li's mom...pretty poor public relations maneuver...looking forward to some peace in all of this, peace and something positive instead of just a lot of people blowing steam...Jodi

Unknown said...

deafrush *really embarrassed* I thought of posting it the other day, but totally decided against it. Since I can't not post your comment, it's on and I am kind of shy about that stuff...thank you for caring enough to do the research, that's really sweet, Jodi

Unknown said...

I don't see the operation as smearing Deaf individuals or ASL,I see it as a poor public relations maneuver to further the organization's objectives. I don't believe the AgBell Foundation diffuses a basis of hatred, I merely believe that they advocate the oral approach, now if they do not incorporate enough ASL in their objectives, that is something the members will need to decide on as to whether this way of approaching deafness is acceptable to them. How ironic would it be if ASL became more integrated in their objectives during this presidential term? Instead of taking oppositional action given so many parents were unhappy with the letter, this could be a time to make proposals that could open doors. Jodi

mishkazena said...

Jodi, like I said, I grew up with the AGBell Association mentality. It's nothing new with them. Yes, they were attempting to smear Deaf people and ASL. That's why the letter triggered a wave of furor.

If it is to promote oralism alone without any attempt to denounce ASL and Deaf people, it would be a very different ballgame. I am sorry to be blunt, but perhaps you are not as familair with AGBell Association as many deaf oral people are. If every deaf people, not just the Deaf people but also deaf oral people are saying the same theme, perhaps it is time to listen to them instead invalidating their feelings and experiences. Where is this deep anger coming from? It doesn't appear from nowhere without a reason...

Bigotry isn't pleasant and it's easier to deny its existence. But as long as this organization promotes this prejudice, how can we move on? *sighing sadly*

Anonymous said...


Maybe, you just need someone to do it for you. Ha!


Unknown said...

I am only familiar with AgBell in the sense that I was a member from here in Italy some years ago because I found their publication Volta Voices a life-savior of information. I was in a place where I was struggling to find resources and AgBell provided that life-line for me. They also wrote an article on our experience here in Italy, it's on the cochlear implant page of No, I am not familiar with the history, but I just read Aidan's blog, so I'm learning something about it.
I only know that their presence helped me at a critical time...Jodi

Anonymous said...


"The SlackinPenguin Show". Now that's a real blog title. Yeah, it up Jodi!

Heh, heh...just kidding. I'd come up with a blog with a title like that myself, if I had anything to say. "out for blood" comment was a bit, mind you, just a tad bit, overboard.

I stand corrected. Here's me sticking my tongue out at you Jodi.



Anonymous said...

Jodi, in that case, maybe a read of a new posting on the DR main page will shed some light: "What AgBad Doesn't Want You to Know".


Anonymous said...

Jodi, maybe a perusing of the recent post on the DR main page will help??? Look for, "What AgBad Doesn't Want You to Know".


Kim said...

The vlog of li-li really touched me. thanks. :-)

Kim said...

I saw the interview-- I thought you looked great and not nervous or anything. You expressed yourself well and intelligently. I don't think you have anything to feel embarrassed about. :-) Your son is adorable! It would be nice if you could caption the video.

mishkazena said...

I don't mean to imply that AGBell doesn't help hearing parents of deaf kids. They do. They also helped my parents, too, when they were looking for information.

You may want to read NAD's letter to AGBell posted this afternoon. It may give you a better understanding of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi! You are sooo sweet to show my wee one -- I kinda think she's awfully adorable, too... thanks for the heart-warming comments.

I agree with you about the honey! I think our perspectives -- on what being deaf means, what value multiple languages can bring to the child, etc., on how we or our children can be part of the deaf community and the hearing world -- will just be marginalized and shut out if we walk silently away from AGBell -- if we can identify specifically what they are doing that needs to change, then we can work with them to make those changes, but only if they represent us and if we participate in the dialogue.

Oh, that sounds so earnest ... maybe I should just post John Lennon lyrics and be done with it. You always strike the right chord, deflecting pompousness and crankiness with humor and open-mindedness, that's what we need in an ambassador to AGBell.

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