Sunday, February 24, 2008

Loose Thoughts

Happy Sunday morning to one and all!!! You cannot even begin to imagine what an incredible day it is here in Grosseto - way sunny and about 55°! The Harley Davidsons and BMWs have been flying by my street, all the little working men letting off some testosterone. You know...boys with their toys. Motorcycles TERRIFY me! Yet, I am convinced that one day I will overcome that fear and ride one...

after all, doesn't every girl dream of a "Cool Rider?" I just told my house that's screaming, "CLEAN ME!" to kiss off. I have SO much work to do on the computer today that I have been putting off. This has been the story of my life, lately, the big put off. I am the queen of procrastination, but now, I'm kicking myself in the butt to get a jumpstart. And this day...beautiful!

Jordan has been complaining all morning because his computer broke and I refuse to let him use mine that still has those damn military tanks as the screensaver, oh, he is just not allowed to touch this computer. Sofia has been requesting every toy seen on Sunday morning cartoons commercials every five seconds. And Luca, he spent an hour in the bathroom hiding and filling out crossword puzzles, preparing to be in his usual pissy Sunday mood.

Me...flying. My iPod is my salvation and this morning it's been the Beastie Boyz, Bob Marley and Blues Traveler, a formidable triplicate on this liberating Sunday. Last night we went to Rhonda's and met her Dad who rocks the world. There is nothing like a cowboy from Texas of any age.

Note: He had a fouler mouth than mine, but I was a very good girl. Sofia was wearing hot pink tights, a cute black dress and a hot pink sweater and got herself some curly compliments all night. Rhonda asked Luca what he was going to do when the boyz started comin'-a-callin' for his little girl. Luca, who is a big, muscular Dad, smiled and didn't look too worried. Then, Rhonda told us the story of how she would bring her dates home to meet her dad and he would come downstairs wearing a baseball hat with boobs on it. Hmmm. Can you even imagine the scene? The poor hormonal college boys, sweating the "big meeting" with dad and then, suddenly, there he is with a baseball hat and boobs.
Classic. Gotta love a cowboy!

About a year ago, I fixed Rhonda up with Lorenzo, one of my very good friends. He is living proof that a man and woman can be friends. He gives me an education, like sex-ed of the 50 somethings and listens. Listening is such an underrated skill. Very few men possess the ability to listen to women...although, I imagine this is also true for women. How many times do you talk to your friends and feel that what you say goes in one ear and out the other? You say, "Jordan just had his guitar recital and did really well." And they respond, "That's nice, do you like the color nailpolish I chose this week?" Depth. Looking for some depth and comprehension, here.

Sick of the daily grind of "Hmm, what are you cooking for lunch...dinner...tomorrow's lunch?" or "Oh, what is that woman wearing? Can you believe how her tits are hanging out of that shirt? What is she thinking?"

And I'm saying, "You go, girl, with those saggy tits! And who gives a shit if your ass is too big for that litttttttle skirt? Let it all hang out and shake that thang! Jealousy. If a woman feels good in her clothes, more power to her. Anyway, I needed a good friend last night, and Lorenzo got the job done.

So, today's blog is a bunch of loose much for peace, gotta go separate my kids who are about to kill each other! Have a GREAT Sunday!

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Unknown said...

nc tricky here! thank you mother so much for that comment! I didn't know you could write...ha ha ha just kidding. I think we have all grown up together in these last bunch of years! I do always appreciate your advice and NEVER take it! that doesn't mean stop giving it. i love you very much! isn't this too precious... way too much sap for anyone to read. okay. enough. i appreciate you all. and i am glad we all try to see the good in people.