Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Balls

Sofia's running around giving orders, Jordan just gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I should change my style because my face is full of glitter. I itched my eyes and it kind of got everywhere. Perhaps, I'll try the boob here for other innovative and stylish suggestions.

I'm bored out of my mind and have no idea what to do with it or myself. It's the pre-Christmas vacation-let it get here- and then be gone- limbo. I would flat out like to pick up and leave, escape, run. Oh God, my kids are arguing about the fact that Sofia is a blabbermouth.
Sofia said, "Jordan, Be quiet and don't tell lies!"
Jordan said, "Sofia, when Mamma and I talk in front of you about grown up things, shut your mouth and don't blab it to the world!"
Jordan just walked up to me and said, "Sofia just called me stupid."

My daughter is an out of control nightmare. LOVE HER!
Every now and then, Jordan looks at her, points and starts cracking up. LOVE HIM!

Thank God for my kids. They tell it like it is.
The most beautiful thing about kids is that they absolutely can not be hypocrites.

If your ass is saggy:-)- they will TELL YOU!!
If you're in a pissy mood, they say, "I think you need to relax."
Sofia Madyson: "Mommy, why is that little girl black, did she get a lot of bruises?" (welcome to Italy)
Jordan, "Mamma, my teacher has the worst breath!"

As much as they embarrass you and they do mortally embarrass you- their cold, hard honesty sparks that flush that flies to your face and fires up your toes. THEY ARE REAL.

I can't decide whether or not to go to Christmas lunch with my ex-inlaws or stay home, curl up in bed and read a book.

Sometimes, this...
Just isn't worth this...

However, my main concern is this...



Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog!! You are hysterical and the BOOB scarves!! HYSTERICAL!! Ohmygosh...I'd send one to my Mother in law if My husband wouldn't strangle me may do it anyways lolol!

I've always talked to Eden in a very grown up manner so sometimes the things she and I talk about and we talk alot lol comes out. Like the other day I told her not to do something. It wasn't big but when she asked why..I said makes Daddy have a cow!
Well later on..she walks up to my husband and starts looking around his butt and stomach lol. He asked her what she was doing and she goes.."Mommy said if I wiggle my butt you'll have a cow and I want to see it happen!"......

Unknown said...

Did you happen to click and find the breastwarmers??? That was my next pick:-D...Love your blog and Eden...thank you, your comment made me lol!!!