Friday, December 4, 2009

Spilt Milk

During oppressive periods of our lives, negative casualities directly affect our moods, our behavior and our level of stress. During limbo periods, concentrated negative events seem to conspire to wipe us out, yet the human spirit is resilient, so we battle and claw. It's kind of a cyclical thing, until we overcome so many glitches and blows to the point where we learn to know ourselves and how we react in extreme situations.

For example:
Sofia Madyson decides she wants something to drink.

Sofia: "MOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY! I want a glass of orange juice NOW!!!"
Mommy: "Sofia, number one- that is just not the way to ask for something. Ask me nicely and properly, please."
Sofia Madyson: "Mommy, could I please have a glass of orange juice?"
Mommy: "Of course you may, my adorable child, you know where the refrigerator and the glasses are...please feel free to walk yourself downstairs and pour yourself a delicious glass of orange juice."
Sofia: "No, Mommy, you do it."
Mommy: "No, Sofia, you are the one who's thirsty, you do it."
Sofia: *Screaming temper tantrum- feet kicking, arms flailing*
Mommy: *Patient and waiting with kleenex in hand*
Sofia Madyson: (Sniffling) "Mommy, look at my nose."
Mommy: (Wipes nose and waits)
Sofia Madyson: (Looks at me, lowers eyes and walks downstairs where I hear the fridge opening and Sofia Madyson pouring herself a glass of orange juice. Obviously, the next tragedy occurs) "Mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy, I spilled the orange juice!"
Mommy: (Walking calmly downstairs thinking, why didn't I just pour the damn orange juice??) "Don't worry Sofia, I'm proud of you for getting your own glass of oj, next time just be more careful while pouring."

Jordan: (From upstairs) "Mamma, could I please have a glass of Coke!"
Mommy: "Get your butt downstairs and pour it yourself, I am not your slave- Mamma!
Jordan: (Walking downstairs) "Calm yourself, Mamma, here I am."

And there he was, pouring himself a glass of Coke without spilling a drop.

Life teaches us lessons every day; people teach us lessons every day. We must have the will to learn and the courage to clean up the spills...until we pour that glass of oj without spilling a drop, shedding a tear or hurling something at our computer screen.

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Stephen said...

Absolutely "LOL!" So funny! They are so damn cute with their own personalities!!!! Hysterical!!

Debbie said...

I think I'm still spilling a little oj slave-mama! But to add to your enlightenment...if you wanna make an omelette, ya gotta break some eggs!

Anonymous said...

Jodi...where were you when I was a single mom for 4 years with a 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter???!! I coulda used some of your wit & wisdom!!!!! LOL