Saturday, December 5, 2009

Music in Our Lives

The twenty year high school reunion was like a starting point for me. It was a moment where I looked my past in so many eyes and became aware of my present...and it is time to move forward.

WE had no music in our lives for so many years of hearing aids.
The cochlear implant changed that and gave us a new beginning.

Jordan is currently preparing a guitar piece for his winter recital and has requested an iPod for Hanukkah/Christmas, need I say more?

My hope is that parents of newly diagnosed deaf children will find this blog, see the musical notes and realize that their child will not miss out on music. And that it is only by living and taking risks, that we may truly appreciate the lyrics.

The past three years have brought about significant change in our family, and while change may be terrifying, sometimes it is necessary. Every single day we deal with our insecurities, and it is only when we look them in the eye and make them our strengths do we truly appreciate the journey.

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Cloggy said...

One can only be grateful for what technology is offering nowadays for our children. We went from total ignorance (Well... close anyway) about deafness and cochlea implants to having to become an expert and living with a child that has a CI on both sides..
And from the moment Lotte started to make sounds related to what she could hear... everything she said became "music in our lives".. (Ok... the first time we said "Shut up.!!" was also a huge moment..)
But like with Jordan, the possibilities seem to grow as she gets older and older. From using the telephone to now making actual music. From babbling a song to reading the lyrics and singing the melody. And, intonation is not far away.
Where will these little pioneers end up. Their hearing will get better and better over the years... Ours will just deteriorate. All thanks to this amazing technology that makes deaf children hearing... including the music..!!

Debbie said...

It's hard to be a Mom of a kid with so many challenges...and knowing now what you know. I know the feeling of wanting to help each and every person out there thru your own experiences. Feeling helpless and hopeless at times, we have come so far as people, as Moms. The need to let others know that it will be okay -- whatever that "okay" ends up being, is so important!

Unknown said...

Cloggy- so true, sorry I'm late responding- I read this comment and loved it...You are a spectacular family!
Debbie- I have lived according to this: The need to let others know that it will be okay -- whatever that "okay" ends up being, is so important!
Wise words my friend...