Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soup IS Good Food...for the Soul

I'm always amazed when I see elementary school students coloring their pictures upside-down. As a child, it would have never occurred to me to turn the picture around and start from the bottom only to work my way up. Once, I found a drill, during the time I was a fifth grade teacher, that suggested having the kids lay down on the floor, tape the paper to the bottom of the desk, take off their shoes and color with their toes. LOVED THAT! My classroom smelled like stinky fifth grade toe-cheese, but they had the best time.

A friend of mine who has been through prostate cancer, losing his job, loan issues, and being left by his wife with two kids, has decided to sell his house to buy a smaller one and pay off bills to be able to L*I*V*E. (I love you)

Sometimes we're so stuck in a rutt that we forget we have the ability to be our own change. Sometimes, after struggling in that rutt, weighing all of the options, playing the victim or trying to save everyone else's world, we realize that if we save our own world...everything else will fall into place.


And I assure all of you...sometimes there is more freedom in a 95 cent can of chicken noodle soup than in a 40 dollar lobster dinner.

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Debbie said...

I read this to Nestor. Your last line: chicken soup vs. lobster dinner is classic! He'll be using that on me for years to come! We've been going thru a lot of transitions here too and making/or on the verge of making choices which will effect all our lives -- move to LA or not, etc. The point is -- WE need to choose so it is not chosen for us.

Unknown said...

The problem is that lobster is damn good:-)..not always easy to give it up, but once you do...the chicken soup becomes lobster bisque:-) Love you all...and once you choose, you will make it beautiful just like you do everything you ever touch. He's such a lucky man:-))) Read him this! xoxo