Thursday, December 3, 2009

My (Business) Date

Ok. So, I had this huge meeting in Rome yesterday and I had to wake up at 7,30 am, which was 1,30 am. USA time and I'm still on USA time. I took the train to Rome and did some work on the computer which thankfully worked on and off during the train ride. I have been corresponding with the gentleman I was to meet for the past three months and was looking forward to meeting him to discuss the Newborn Hearing Screening project.

He called me while I was on the train and said he was waiting at the end of the platform and to look for a man in a checked sportcoat carrying a brown leather bag. There he was, my sixty-something man who I hoped would make my life. I gave him the old European double kiss greeting and we were on our way. We took a taxi to a bistro where we proceeded to discuss my project, I whipped out my computer and showed him all of the necessary information. Our bigger meeting was scheduled for four o'clock, but he had requested to meet me for lunch beforehand, and all of this started at 12:00pm. We talked newborn hearing screening for two hours and then sat down to a lovely lunch.

*At this point it was 8:00 am USA time and my brain stopped functioning*

He ordered wine, so after about two glasses and a delicious lunch, he suggested we go for a walk to a cafe for dessert. I said, "Perfect!" Off we went, me, exhausted and wearing heels that were killing my feet-I never wear heels. We walked for about thirty minutes and just when I thought I was going to absolutely lay down in the middle of the street, we found an outdoor cafe.

I didn't know what to do, I was going to collapse. So, I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Have you ever lost your head for someone?" I almost gave him a heartattack. We were there to talk business, but I figure, my role is that of a mother, so I can do these things. His eyes lit up and he started telling me about someone from his past. This woman told him how important it was to "appreciate the moment." (I would love to go into details, but I can't)

Well, there we were appreciating the moment. A beautiful sunny day in Rome eating an ice-cream truffle floating in coffee and talking about his past, which was rather interesting. I mean seriously, I come into contact with fascinating people who travel the world and who meet other fascinating people, why shouldn't I pry?

Um, the meeting didn't exactly go as I'd hoped, but I have faith. I kind of yelled at him when he left me at the train station and he said he liked that I was a passionate woman.


I passed out on the train.

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