Thursday, December 17, 2009

X-Rated Homework Talk

Ok. So yesterday Jordan, Sofia and I were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework- and the teachers are just laying it on strong before the holidays *three weeks of holidays* in preparation to lay it on stronger for those three weeks of holidays, when to avoid working we started talking middle school girls. Sofia is lethal. She sits quietly, observes and listens. Jordan just had his infamous holiday concert in the Duomo, which went really well. Yes, my deaf jewish son sings in a school choir and a church. It's always an emotional experience here.

Until, we started talking girls.
I asked, "Jordan, do you still like so-and-so?"
His reaction was taking the palm of his hand and moving it from his neck to his knees.

He said, "Eh, Mamma, that's the way it is." The girls in my class have boobs now, but she doesn't.

Sofia burst out laughing.
* SOFIA!!!!!!!!!!!!*

I am not ready for this. I am not ready to have boob discussions with my son who yesterday was that baby with hearing aids sitting in the high chair fighting with me to not do his speech therapy lessons.

Twelve years later he's still fighting with me about homework, but he's singing in a choir and talking about boobs.

Give me strength.


Debbie said...

Oh Mama! Ready or not -- you better get ready! And I know, as much as you protest, that you are loving every second of it! Because as a mother, watching your baby sit in a high chair with hearing aids...I know every thought of worry and concern went thru your head about whether or not Jordan would be a child who would feel accepted and supported by his peers. So now you have, your answer...and it's YES!!!!!! He has girlfriends and is wicked enough to be discerning about boobs at his tender age. OY, are you in for it;))

Julia said...

We're starting on some preliminary toilet training, and I'm a little shocked at the nature of our discourse with Ben these days. We got a book of toilet training songs and rhymes from the library, and right now I have "The Tushy Pushy" going through my mind. And it does seem like toilet training boys is necessarily more anatomically explicit than for girls. If I'm this easily shocked, heaven help me when he's a teen.

Paula Rosenthal said...

Way to go, Jordan! LOL He's a healthy, young teenager! (No wonder why you call him your deaf stallion.) It's so great that he's comfortable with talking to you about it, whether you like it or not!

Anonymous said...

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lphelan said...

Haha, being jewish in italy and singing in a catholic church choir? intresting. & way to go jordan for being the normal middleschooler to discuss boobs haha. jodi, you gave me a good laugh by reading this post. Happy Hanukkah to your family :)

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