Monday, April 27, 2009

Keep Your Eye on That Hearing Aid!!

Anne, an American Mom living in Rome, who is also a member of the Italian support group Sorditaonline Forum, translated a post left by a dad (so adorable):
My son's hearing aids and the dolphin

It was August, 1998 and we were in the seaside town of Cattolica, Italy. One evening we went to the aquarium to watch the dolphin show. There were a lot of
people, but luckily we were among the first to go in and were able to get good
seats right in front near the giant pool. My wife held our son on her lap, so I went on the other side of the pool to film them watching the show.

Everything went great; it was beautiful and our son was so excited and happy
watching all the moves of the dolphin. He was having so much fun, and every now
and then even got splashed a little with water. I filmed away and it was wonderful to watch my son enjoying the show so much.

But then my son did something…he took off his hearing aid and launched it at the
dolphin!! The hearing aid sank down to the bottom of the pool, and the dolphin
swam down, scooped it up, and began swimming around the pool with the hearing
aid on its nose!!

We were in total panic! I started jumping all over people trying to get to my
wife; she was desperate, and our son was having a great time. They obviously stopped the show and the trainer, with various hand signals called the dolphin to the edge of the pool.

The show was packed with people, and when the dolphin brought our son's hearing
aid back everybody burst into applause.

We ran back to our hotel and after two hours with a hairdryer it started working
again. If we had known, we would have brought a toy for him to hold while he
watched the show!


Rachel @ Cochlear Implant Online said...

This story reminds me of something that happened to a friend of my sister's several years ago when she was about three years old. A friend of my sister's has a cochlear implant, and one weekend, she went on a vacation with her family. They took a boat ride on the lake, and the next thing they knew was that the magnet from her coil was gone! The father went to Home Depot and brought a huge metal rod and a rope and went back out to the lake on a boat. After one shot of putting the rod down the water and pulling it back up, the magnet was sticking to the metal rod! Unbelievable!

leah said...

Hair dryer: never leave home without it! I can totally see that happening, and thank goodness the dolphin didn't eat it.

Anne said...

Buon giorno, Jodi!

I love dolphins!

Debbie said...

Hilarious story...sounds like that family learned a valuable lesson that day. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and I like it! The Dolphins are friendly kind of creatures. I think your child loves the dolphin he thought is that a stuff toy. It is cool that the hearing aid still working. I heard some issue of hearing aid if ever flows to the water will not work anymore.

Anonymous said...

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