Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Second Cochlear Implant Surgery

1. My kids have been on vacation since last Monday, I love them, but thank God they are returning to school.
2. I'm going to Pisa tomorrow morning to support my first Mom. She contacted me three months ago with a question regarding the cochlear implant and her 18 month old beautiful baby girl is having the surgery tomorrow morning.
3. I'm freaking out.

I love that I have the opportunity to provide information and resources to parents going through what we have gone through with Jordan. I met with a mom of a newly diagnosed baby about three weeks ago and started crying with her as she broke down wondering whether her baby would "be okay."

Tomorrow, I'm going to live all of the pain and agony I went through while Jordan was in that operating room. This time, I'll be the one bringing the coffee and calming the nerves of another mom. I hope I don't have a panic attack.

It's times like these when I can almost understand why some doctors have no bedside manner.

I never want to become numb.

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Deb B said...

WOW. How intense Jodi! Good lUck- WHat a way to come full circle.

Great song. You have good taste in Music!

Unknown said...

Thanks Deb...it went well-on the train coming home now. Seriously stressful day...next stop-mapping.
Love this song...kiss that boy.

Kim said...

What a wonderful opportunity to help other moms!

VBnBama said...

you won't freak out...that would make her worse you know that. You'll do fine, but will look forward to the update. You'll probably have some flashback though you fogot about.

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

She's so lucky to have you there as a support...you are awesome :)

Debbie said...

I remember my Aunt Jo sending me a card when Amelia was born saying: "one day all of this will be just a memory" -- I remember feeling, at the time, that I couldn't wait for that day. She was right and wrong. We are still "in it" but the dust has settled and we are on the upswing. The shock and fear are still there, but I've learned to live with it.

You are doing what each Mom who has been through her own private hell feels she must do...try to pass along a moment of hope, understanding and information.

Who knew we were born to do it? Certainly not me!

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