Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stop... and Smell the Sunflowers

Tomorrow is the first day of my next life.
When people start over they carry baggage and that baggage weighs them down. They become bitter, angry, resentful and all of these sentiments prevent them from trusting again. They walk in fear.


Is it easy to start over? Hell no.
But it's raining here in Tuscany, and I've got my sunglasses on.


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VBnBama said...

I should send you one of my sunflowers, remember this one last year??

You would never be the average sunflower like you have pictured!!

Best of luck with your new start!

Stephen said...

In your NEW life can you please NOT smoke and eat healthier and exercise will keep you beautiful, fit and in a "happy" frame of mind......then when you are 50 you will look 40 etc. I am serious about this...I only say it because I love you and want the best for you and there's nothing like a a healthy lifestyle! I may not have learned to trust again (like u mentioned), but I HAVE learned how to live a healthy life. This is YOUR opportunity to make some positive of luck and btw, I love sunflowers and those amazing sunflower fields in Grosseto! D

Paula Rosenthal said...

I love how your Dad is so persistent in his message to you about not smoking! :) Listen to him already, girl!

Hope all is well in Tuscany. Email me anytime you need to you. I'm "hear" for you. ;-)