Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shopping with my Girlfriend

Jordan slept over a friend's house so Sofia Madyson and I are left home alone on market day in Grosseto. Hmm. What are two girls to do?


We drive to Grosseto and park the car. We exit the car and begin walking.

Sofia: Mommy, my feet hurt, how far is it to the shops?
Me: Sofia, rule number one- you are a woman in training- when shopping one must suffer. Deal with it and walk on, girl.
Sofia: Mommy, I'm hungry.
Me: Okay, I could use a cappuccino myself.

Sofia and I proceed to the bar where I tell her to pick out her pastry of choice. We dine together...just mommy and princess.

We leave and head to the market where we proceed to fight.
Sofia: Mommy, I like these shoes.
Me: Horrendous.
Sofia: But I like them and they're for my feet.
Me: You like everything, we need to find a mutual like and only then, may we consider it for purchasing.
Sofia: Okay.

We stumble upon a man selling umbrellas. Considering the sky is menacing and I have been dying for this ruffly umbrella with hearts that everyone has been carrying lately, I ask Sofia which one she wants- red or pink. Of course she chooses pepto-bismol pink...quite possibly the ugliest umbrella in the world. But we choose it together.

We head for the shop where I usually buy her clothes and spend about an hour debating over which outfit to buy. She grabs this one white frock with a grey bow at least five times...absolutely not- no grey bows. We finally agree on a pink-no-surprise-there outfit and go on our way. Just as we are leaving the shop it starts to pour. Sofia screams, "MOMMY, OPEN THE UMBRELLA!!" And there we were, mother and daughter skipping under the pepto-bismol pink umbrella with ruffles and white hearts...

When we finally make it back to the car, Sofia says, "Mommy, I love you. I had such a great day...when can we go shopping again??!

*That's my girl!*


K.L. said...

I managed to teach my oldest daughter to say "Shop til you Drop" whenever we saw a certain department store. My husband didn't know whether to be amused or horrified the first time she said it in front of him. She was 3 or 4 at the time.

kim said...

Aww--this is sweet. I miss shopping with my daughter.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for a princess of yours when she becomes a teen. Whew. Phew.

Make sure you teach her to use some discounts. :-)

White Ghost

Debbie said...

I love this story! I can't wait to do that with Amelia one day. How sweet Jodi! It sounds like you two are on that wonderful road of "I know I'm the Mom right now, but a glimpse of our future shows me that one day -- we will be great friends too" SO COOL! Enjoy the Pepto a few years it may be goth black.

Deb B said...

What a warm and fuzzy story :)

Stephen said...

Hate to tell you, Jadoo, but Sofia Princess of Grosseto's taste is hereditary....from her - helllllllooooooo MOM! lol! d

Unknown said...

K.L.- you are a woman I could definitely do some serious damage with...
Kim- it's never too late to shop
White Ghost- I'm dreading the teen years...
Debbie- mark my words- my child will NEVER do Goth black
Deb- You will shop for micro-machines and hot-wheels...
Dad- Is it raining??? Non-stop??? *smile*