Friday, May 1, 2009

Jordan = Mr. Independence

I can't believe the last time I posted was on Monday. Must really be in a crisis situation. Anyway...Jordan's growing up and becoming independent. He still drives me crazy, but he seems to be driving me less and less crazy.

On Thursdays he has guitar lessons at 2:00 and finishes school at 1, so Luca usually takes him to lunch for an hour. I have to pick Sofia up from school at 1 o'clock, so it's a little difficult to be in two places at the same time. Yesterday, Luca couldn't take care of Jordan, so I told Jordan to leave school at 1, walk to the pizzeria where we always eat and I would meet him there at 1:30 with Sofia. That requires a three minute walk to the centre of Grosseto. You know, crossing streets, being responsible...walking into the pizza place to order food- the basic stuff a person takes for granted.

*But I don't take these things for granted*

These are the moments when I realize how far Jordan has come from our first audiological appointment when we got those hearing independent he has become and how Monday morning when I drop him off at school at 6:15 am for his first class field trip: a six hour bus ride and an overnight stay in a hotel with 27 other middle school students- I can be calm, relaxed and serene...



Stephen said...

Couldn't school start with...say an "hour" trip somewhere? Geeeeeeeeeze 6 a bus .....that is just crazy. I agree...AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! dad
PS: Don't be going so long between blogs pleeeeeeeeeeze.

Debbie said...

I would like to see this "serene" Jodi...I didn't know she existed! So wonderful that you can appreciate each and every step Jordan has made. Also, how wonderful that he is so independent and is growing up to be such a capable human being. I can only imagine the relief you must feel. Yay Momma! Way to give your kids what they need to succeed (that sounded corny but I mean it!)

Unknown said...

Hi Dad...two of my high school students went on a "field trip" last week- an 8 day cruise to Greece...I'll take the overnight hotel stay for
Debbie, Thank you