Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm procrastinating. I'm giving a presentation tomorrow at a Cochlear Implant Course for Speech Therapists in Pisa- I need to study my presentation, and I'm procrastinating.

Ok. My husband called me spoiled. I don't think I'm spoiled. I hang clothes on a clothesline and come from Pikesville for crying out loud. My mom is still in shock over the whole thing...twelve years later.

My husband says I'm never satisfied with what I have.(or maybe it was my mom who said that...and I am conscious of the fact that I have a lot...I am surrounded by people who love me) In Italian there's a saying that goes, "Chi si accontenta...gode." Which translates into "Who is able to settle for whatever situation they may be in...enjoys it." Deep. Not me. I mean I'm deep, but I can't just "settle for anything."

Let's take SEX for example. Would you settle for mediocre sex? Even if you love your husband...would you settle for lame SEX? (Fortunately, this has never been an issue)

How about your job?
Sometimes we get so in a rutt that we don't even realize we are in a miserable situation until we wake up and decide to evolve.

What happens when we realize that we are unhappy in a given situation and are impotent to change that situation? How do we react?

Life is full of compromises and complications, but aboveall choices.

My dad decided he'd had enough. He worked over twenty-five years at the same job, and one fine day said STOP. He sold his home in Baltimore, organized his finances and moved to Florida...probably saved his life. (and I'm kind of happy having a place to stay in Florida)

Revolutionary move. He didn't settle for his daily grind...he evolved. I'm proud to say my Dad has balls.

We could have settled for the hearing aids and the input Jordan was getting. Had we settled for those hearing aids, my son would not be the calm, serene, affectionate child he has become.

And I am not spoiled, I have great expectations...every single day is an evolution.

Although...I do greatly appreciate being spoiled *smile*


Stephen said...

Thank uuuuuuuuuuuu, Jadoo! I raised u and Niki to be "go for it" and know that whatever "it" is u can achieve it if u put ur mind to it! It may seem (at times) that you don't appreciate what you have, but I suggest just stopping to "enjoy the moment" of what you have achieved and accomplished as an individual but especially as a family......and to then move on to your "new endeavors, dreams and expectations" that are certainly deserving. Show appreciation "in the moment" and "share" it with those closest to you and then "together" work on the growth of the future. Your choices have been terrific, especially with Jordan, so I don't recommend any changes except as I said to show your appreciation for the present before moving on as a "team" for the future! Love, Dad
BTW, on Oprah today it was all about "sex" and it was mentioned (and I found it interesting) that foreplay for a woman actually starts a few days "before" the actual event....u know the husband taking out the trash, folding the laundry, helping with the kids' homework etc. Yes, that's all considered foreplay to get the female in the "mood." Seems to me your man could have led the class instead of Oprah's guest therapist! Count your blessings and show your appreciation "in the moment" for all that you have. d

Naomi said...

I'm with your Dad, reach for the stars but dont' be so focussed on reaching out for them that you miss the simply beautiful moments in the here and now. Check out the post on my blog on impermanence, says it all way better than I can *smile*

Unknown said...

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jodi, I want to let you know that the Italian expression "chi si contenta gode" doesn't mean what you said. It means EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! It is an ironic expression to say: "Well, my friend, if you are happy about it, you really are happy for a rather poor thing. C'mon, try to raise your expectations". LOTF

diane said...


You aren't SPOILED - you're AMERICAN! You are infused with the spirit that says there's nothing you can't do or achieve if you are willing to work for it. You aren't willing to settle.

It's always good to count your blessings and be grateful, but there's nothing wrong with striving for more.