Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facebook Drama

This morning I opened my emails and saw that my first boyfriend (who my mom always called Opey Taylor) found me on Facebook. Memory overload. Seriously...laughing uncontrollably. So, I kind of went through this thought process: Wonder what he looks like? Is he bald, fat, or worse...miraculously HOT!!??!! Twenty-five years later, I flip to his profile...AND-
EXACTLY THE SAME. I MEAN EXACTLY THE SAME. How do you not change one little bit in 25years??? Same language-I read what he wrote to his friends, same hair, same style, same everything. He was always a really nice guy. We played rotissary baseball together, ate crabs and really good chinese food and made out on the benches of Camp Milldale in front of everyone. (My mom found out and called me a slut)

Anyway...that was the shock of the morning. Then, I went to visit Val on her blog and found out she thinks I have a foul mouth. Bullshit.

Moreover, my little students aren't so little anymore. The 12 year old girl who kicked my butt in Scrabble is so over Zac Effron, has a boyfriend, chats for 5 hours a day on MSN and has been spotted making out in front of her middle school by her best friend's father. Scandal in Grosseto.

Then, my adorable Middle School Group is now my freaking insane High School Group and one of the stallions has a cell phone that constantly beeps and vibrates during the lesson-annoys the hell out of me. So, I confiscate it every lesson, stick it under my butt and dance everytime it vibrates.

*Curious me*
Flips open his cellphone everytime it vibrates and I found something so completely revolutionary...
You see, in Italy, everyone has the same name-they are either Francesca, Irene, Alessandra, Benedetta, Claudia, Martina...etc- so, how is a hormonal High School teen supposed to keep all of his women straight???

He gives each one a nickname:
Irene Hot
Irene Big Boobs
Irene Homework
Martina Old
Martina New

My personal favorite: My Love
Get my point??? Do people do that in the States?? Categorize their women or men? Actually, the concept is rather interesting.

Hope y'all had a nice, long nap after the turkey....


MKChaikof said...

Camp Mildale! That brought back memories. I used to go there every summer as well.

Debbie said...

Camp Mildale - OY! Don't wanna talk about it. If you were a slut -- what was I?????

Haven't done Facebook for fear of your morning. Don't think I want to hear from most of my past.

Every time I come home I see how much everyone has grown up around me. My little cousins, not so little anymore. I can't handle the cellphones and constant texting. They're little valley girls and they don't even know what that is. We should definitely create a Moonunit comeback and get "Valley girl" back in the top 40. Ummm, do they even have a Top 40 anymore?

Unknown said...

That is so funny that you both went to Camp Milldale! I had the BEST summers there, hem hem:)) One in particular was exceptional, a lot of the pranks in the book were from that summer. BTW, Mitchell Kasoff went there and he looked SWEEEEEEEEEEEET in his basketball trunks and tank top. Loved him! It was a pleasure to see him at College Park, as well. Some men are such eye candy.
In regard to Facebook, DEBBIE- You do NOT know what you are missing! Anyway, my first boyfriend sent me the nicest letter, I think he still digs me lol.
And the "Valley Girl" song- Frank Zappa- went to put it on the blog, but if freaked me out-it was MUCH cooler in what was it???? sixth grade? Those were the days. Btw, I found my entire elementary school class on facebook-hysterical. Definitely have no idea about the top forty-but I LIVED for Kasey Kasem. OMG, do I feel ancient!