Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 16, 2008

(Laughing to myself) Well, this has been one intense year and tomorrow I will be 30-freakin7 years old. I was at dinner the other night with my friend, Carla and seated at the table next to us was our hairdresser with his friend. Carla says, "Salvo, how old are you? I think you and Jodi are the same age."
Salvo says, "I'm 36, a year younger than Jodi."
I say, "Yeah, but you look much younger than I do."
He responds, "Well, you've had two kids and it isn't easy raising kids, it makes a big difference, and..."
I said, "Salvo, shut the f**k up."

What is wrong with men??? They NEVER know the right things to say to a woman. To make matters worse, he then started complimenting me on my...hands. (and he's never even seen them work a keyboard)


Anyway, I strongly feel that I have seriously and totally earned my number 37 after the explosive past year of the most important years of my life...

Gotta go pack. *smile*


Naomi said...

Happy 37th Jodi. I know it wasn't supposed to be funny but I did laugh at Salvo and his "oh so wise...NOT" comments.

Moi, was 41 this year. I'm not so keen on the after effects of kids and gravity but I don't know I think you kind of get to a nice place of comfort zone where there is so much other stuff going on that is more important, the rest of the fluff stuff doesn't seem as important as it once was. Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Am I late? ooopsie!

Well, you know, age is just a number...don't mean a thing!



VBnBama said...

I didn't forget ya! Happy Bday

Unknown said...

i am just 2 years younger than you and share the same blood but I still get carded! sorry sis! Someone's got to look young in this family... I am sure our parents would argue whose genes we have.

Unknown said...

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!
Btw, Titty,
No doubt...You look like Dad.
Your loving sister who wears her wrinkles well.
PS. I found the comment you left back in November on the interview article...thank you.

tammy said...

Happy belated 37th Jodi! I have to say, I laughed too at Salvo's comment ... I'm not far behind you, so I can't laugh too loud. Besides my all of a sudden need to have every product on the market to try and stop the wrinkles spree, I'm trying to convince myself that the late 30's are much better than the mid 20's. I'm getting there. Enjoy your 37th year!