Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deaf School in Zambia Requests Assistance

I just received this email from Leeanne of Hands & Voices requesting materials for a school in Zambia. The letter in question involves the same individual that you may remember Josh Swiller contacted the Peace Corps to assist. Considering Christmas is just around the corner and many schools organize fundraisers during this period, this may be an excellent project to support...give it some thought.

I thought I would pass this email along to a few of you who might be willing to help Isaac Chungu of Zambia, Africa. He is a missionary in this very poor country who has tried to learn some sign language to communicate with a number of deaf people who started coming to his church. He has been very moved by their plight—no education = no livelihood. So he has decided to start a school. He describes this effort in his email that follows. We have been able to help connect him to some Peace Corp workers in Kenya, but resources and support are basically non-existent. If you care to send any gently used or new supplies, I know they would be very greatly appreciated. If you are an educator, any advice you could share would be humbly accepted.

Thanks for anything you can do to help him. His address is listed at the end of his email below.



Leeanne Seaver, M.A., Executive Director
Hands & Voices National
Toll Free 1 (866) 422-0422
Illinois (217) 357-3647

Hi Leeanne,
Hope you are doing fine. We discussed the issue with the parents and this is what we came up with: We need exercise/note books,mathematical sets, pens/pencils, reading/text books, wall charts/pictures, toys, learning aids, ASL Dictionary(book & DVD), ASL lessons on DVD?book. What is signed on our National Television is ASL. Some words are not found in ZSL Dictionary instead we use ASL.. We also need a Laptop for showing DVD's. Do not be frightened by the list of things, we will appreciate anything you can manage form the list or any other things not on the list. The age range at the moment is 5 to 22 years old and the number of students is 16. Thanks for the e-mail and your willingness to help. As a professional may be you can also enlight us on the basic things we need to start the program.

As for the address, it is:

Jen-Isaac Deaf School ,

P.O Box 21860

Kitwe Zambia .
Waiting anxiously to hear from you,

If you or your organization would like to offer assistance, please contact Leeanne at the telephone numbers provided. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi, I am about to do the same thing but was waiting for permission from Issac before going ahead. Hopefully all of us together can make this happen for them!

Unknown said...

Go, girl, Go!