Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama: Tall, Handsome and...Tan ???

As an American Mom in Tuscany, I would like to officially state that I am profoundly humiliated, mortified and really pissed off by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's lame-ass comment to Russia's President...who then proceeded to laugh at the "off-color" joke.

Berlusconi said: "Obama ha tutto: è bello, alto e abbronzato ed ha quindi tutte le qualità per avere ottimi rapporti con la Russia".
Translation: "Obama has it all - he's handsome, tall and tan and therefore has all of the characteristics necessary to have an excellent relationship with Russia."

Berlusconi insisted and said, "E' una carineria assoluta, è un grande complimento", ha detto il premier, "Se scendono in campo gli imbecilli siamo fregati".
Translation: "It's absolutely a nice thing what I said, a huge compliment," said the Prime Minister, "If all of the imbeciles get together we're screwed."

Berlusconi's an idiot. A very rich idiot. But wealth doesn't give you an excuse or permission to be an idiot.

The worst part...the Russian President laughed.

Here is this spectacular moment in Italian Diplomacy:

In Italian we say, "Non capisce un cazzo."
In English, I would like to request that the USA not use force to retaliate...we're kind of in direct proximity to Rome.


Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...


I guess Prime Minister Perlusconi is jealous of Obama's Spartan figure. He was silly and playfully wrestling with his pal, President Bush, at a tuxedo dinner at the White House recently.

I voted for Obama! :)

Unknown said...

Silly is a good adjective. Ridiculous...may be better. BUT, he is certainly more interesting than Prodi.

Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...

It has just occurred to mind that Florence's first duke was black and was the son of a pope and a North African slave. Florence was culturally well-balanced and tolerable towards diversity. The pope was a relative of Catherine di Medici.

Anonymous said...

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